Lamb Suede

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Lamb suede is a lightweight lambskin that has undergone the sueding process. During sueding, the fibers on the grain side of the hide are raised to produce a velvety nap effect. The result is an ultrasoft texture — one of the softest hides available — that feels light and airy against the skin. 

  • Type :Lambskin Suede
  • Average Hide Size :4-6 sq ft +/-
  • Weight :1.5 oz
  • Thickness :.4-.6 mm
  • Appearance :Lambskin suede, ultra soft hand, lightweight
  • Uses :Garment
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Whole Hide - 4-6 sq.ft. Average Size.

whole leather hide

Note: These dimensions are approximate, actual dimensions may vary. Leather is a natural product subject to irregular shapes and sizes.

Lamb Suede for Gorgeous Garments and Accessories

Designers around the world prize lamb suede for its exceptional flexibility and soft hand. This luxurious, garment-weight fabric drapes across the wearer’s body and flexes for all-day movement, making it perfect for garments such as shirts, vests, and jackets. Many designers also use lamb suede fabrics for accessories such as handbags.

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