Cobra Matte

$185.00 USD

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This is a type of embossed cowhide leather with a snakeskin leather pattern. The cobra pattern is pressed into the hide using extreme amounts of pressure and heat to create a striking snakeskin design that won’t fade away with time or harsh wear and tear. The no-shine matte finish adds an air of elegance that’s perfect for creating a range of high-end fashion accessories.

Available only in full hide.

  • Type: Cowhide Leather
  • Average Hide Size: 18-25 sq ft +/-
  • Weight: 3.5 oz
  • Thickness: 1.3-1.4 mm
  • Appearance: Matte embossed snakeskin
  • Uses: Accessories, footwear, handbags, small leather goods
  • For wholesale pricing please contact

For wholesale pricing please contact

Half Hide - 18-25 sq.ft. Average Size.

half leather hide

Note: These dimensions are approximate, actual dimensions may vary. Leather is a natural product subject to irregular shapes and sizes.

Durable Snakeskin Leather for Fashion Accessories and Leather Goods

Cowhide is the most durable type of leather hide available, which makes it ideal for any application that will see excessive everyday use. Designers choose our cobra cowhide leather fabric to create unique handbags, footwear, miscellaneous accessories, and small leather goods. We offer both neutral shades and vibrant colors that will appeal to nearly any fashion-forward designer.

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