Premium Eco-friendly Leather Alternative

  • Eco-friendly non-toxic

  • Abrasion / Scrape resistant

  • Optimal toughness

  • Lightweight

Our Vegan Leather is eco-friendly and safe for both humans and the environment.

Our water-based PU is a game changer. It's made of polyurethane polymers dispersed in water, reducing energy and water consumption, and eliminating DMF. Compared to solvent-based systems, our products emit 90% fewer VOCs, discharge 90% less wastewater, use 80% less energy, and reduce CO2 emissions by over 75%.

Our material offers:

  • Lightweight and 20% lighter than traditional PU
  • Solvent-free and eco-friendly
  • High elasticity and resistance to cold flexing
  • Excellent abrasion and peeling resistance
  • Water-repellent properties for added protection
  • Excellent hand feel for a comfortable grip
  • Hydrolysis resistance for 5-10 years and minimal yellowing


No toxic residues in our products, minimized wastewater or exhaust during production, reduced energy consumption and carbon emissions throughout, and increased efficiency overall.

  • Environmentally conscious from start to finish: Our materials are made from non-toxic, environmentally friendly raw materials that are safe for both humans and the planet.
  • Solvent-free production: Unlike traditional PU leather, our water-based process eliminates the use of harmful solvents like DMF, making it safer for workers and better for the environment.
  • Sustainable and responsible: Our manufacturing process is designed to minimize energy and water consumption, reduce VOC and wastewater emissions by 90%, and lower energy consumption by 80%. We have also reduced CO2 emissions by over 75%.