Stretch Lamb Nappa

$95.00 USD

Available only in full hide.

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Stretch lamb leather fabric combines the softness and durability of lambskin with the flexibility of stretch material. The result is gorgeous, unique leather that can be worn comfortably all day long.

  • Type: Lambskin Leather
  • Average Hide Size :6-9 sq ft +/-
  • Weight: 1.5 oz
  • Thickness: .5-.7 mm
  • Appearance: Nappa lambskin leather backed with stretch fabric, consistent in color and grain
  • Uses: Garments

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Whole Hide - 6-9 sq.ft. Average Size.

whole leather hide

Note: These dimensions are approximate, actual dimensions may vary. Leather is a natural product subject to irregular shapes and sizes.

What Is Stretch Nappa Lambskin Leather?

Nappa is a type of full-grain lambskin leather, which means the hide has not been corrected in any way. The leather has the original markings and grain of the animal.

Our stretch Nappa lambskin features stretchable fabric attached to the back of the hide. This material ensures the leather’s elasticity throughout its lifetime without fading or over-stretching. You can use our stretch lamb leather fabric to create various garments that provide the perfect fit for their wearers, such as footwear, jackets, leggings, pants, and skirts.

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