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Straight Hair Shearling
Straight Hair Shearling
Straight Hair Shearling
Straight Hair Shearling
Straight Hair Shearling
Straight Hair Shearling

Straight Hair Shearling

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To craft products that feel exceptionally pleasing to the touch and appealing to the eye, you’ll need a variety of top-quality materials like our straight hair shearling lambskin. These leather hides are richly colored and luxuriously soft for use in high-end garment linings, rugs, and similar applications.

Available only in full hide.

  • Type :Lambskin Shearling
  • Average Hide Size :7-10 sq ft +/-
  • Weight :5 oz
  • Thickness :1.8-2.0 mm
  • Appearance :Lambskin shearling leather with short to medium length straight hair
  • Uses :Accessories, garment, footwear, handbags, interior design, small leather goods
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Whole Hide - 7-10 sq.ft. Average Size.

whole leather hide

Note: These dimensions are approximate, actual dimensions may vary. Leather is a natural product subject to irregular shapes and sizes.

The soft feel of these shearling hides is due to their short- to medium-length straight hair, which is left on the leather throughout the tanning process. The hides are then dyed with natural colors like black or tan, or fun hues like pink, blue, or red for long-lasting, vibrant results.

Luscious Shearling Fabric for Linings and Accents

Particularly during the cold winter months, most consumers love to wear soft, comfortable materials. Our straight hair shearling offers this comfort. Many designers choose shearling fabric for coat, vest, and footwear linings or as accents on various garments and accessories. It’s also perfect for use as rugs or throws in interior design applications.

Choose United Leather for Your Shearling Hides

To browse through one of the largest shearling fabric inventories available, turn to United Leather. We offer a vast color selection, have no lead time requirements on in-stock orders, and require low hide minimums, making it easy for you to order your shearling fabric for designs both large and small. Contact us for more information, or order your straight hair shearling online now.