Types of Leather

Different Types of Leather Available From United Leather

United Leather is one of the few online leather providers that can service a wide range of industries with a vast selection of leather that reflects the diversity of each industry. Everyone from fashion designers and interior designers to equestrian companies and pet suppliers depend on our leather to create their goods and achieve the right look for their clientele.

As one of the country’s most reputable leather distributors, we pride ourselves on being able to stock diverse materials such as cowhide, lambskin, shearling, fur, embossed exotic leather hides, suede, and more!


The fashion industry uses cowhide in accessories, handbags, and shoes. The latest leather boots and most fashionable bags are often made from cowhide. The upholstery and interior design industries also use cowhide to make buttery soft furniture, while sporting goods manufacturers use it to make athletic equipment. The different types of cowhide available from United Leather include:

  •  Finished Cowhide Leather
  •  Full Grain/ Pebble Cowhide Leather
  •  Nubuck Cowhide Leather
  •  Metallic Cowhide Leather
  •  Vegetable Tanned Cowhide Leather
  •  Belting Cowhide Leather
  •  Oil Tanned Cowhide Leather
  •  Novelty Cowhide Leather
  •  Embossed Cowhide Leather


Lambskin has a prominent presence in the fashion industry, as it’s used for garments, bags, accessories, and more. Film and production companies use novelty lambskin for costumes and sets, designing with foiled glitter leather or laser-cut leather. United Leather offers:

  •  Nappa Lambskin Leather
  •  Semi Vegetable Lambskin Leather
  •  Semi Naked Lambskin Leather
  •  Metallic Lambskin Leather
  •  Novelty Lambskin Leather
  •  Embossed Lambskin Leather


We’ve become well-known shearling suppliers to the interior design and fashion industries. Designers use our shearling for small leather goods and footwear. United Leather offers:

  • Curly Merino
  • Straight Hair


Suede is known for its durability and consistent color. The fashion industry favors suede, as does the automotive industry. As one of the top suede suppliers, our stock includes:

  • Calf Suede
  • Goat Suede
  • Lamb Suede
  • Pig Suede
  • Stretch Suede


Stretch leather has been embraced by the garment and pet industries. The sex & bondage accessories industry also makes use of this versatile and adaptable material. We offer:  

  •  Stretch Leather Lamb Nappa
  •  Stretch Leather Lamb Suede
  •  Stretch Leather Lamb Nubuck


Fur has many uses across varying industries. With a bit of imagination, fur can be used in nearly anything! From fashion products to film sets and accessories, fur is the perfect material to provide texture and movement. United Leather offers:  

  •  Mongolian Sheep
  •  Long Hair Goat
  •  Rabbit Fur
  •  Silver Fox


Patent leather is a type of coated leather with a very glossy finish that is often used in handbags, belts, shoes, and other accessories. We offer:

  •  Cow Patent Leather
  •  Lamb Patent Leather

Embossed Exotics

Embossed exotic leather is very popular in the fashion apparel, accessory, and shoe industries, as well as in the interior design and upholstery industries. It can even be used to make exotic dog collars and unique Western products. We offer:

Hair-On Cowhide

Hair-on cowhides are perfect for rugs, upholstery, interior design, fashion accessories, and footwear. Hair-on cowhide can also be used to make small leather goods. Our selection includes:  

  • Hair On Cowhide Dyed Solid
  • Hair On Cowhide Natural
  • Hair On Cowhide Printed
  • Hair On Cowhide Acid Wash
  • Hair On Cowhide Novelty