Our Leather Hides

Our Leather Hides | High-Quality & Intentionally Crafted

We sell the highest quality leather available in the United States and source from Italian and South American leather tanneries, whose products are highly sought after by designers all over the world. Our leather is elegant, yet durable — you can feel and see the quality, and the finishes we stock are up-to-date with the fashion and design arena.


In fact, all our leather has been crafted with the industries we serve in mind. We have small and high-profile customers in the worlds of fashion, interior design, theater and production, transportation, sports and more. When you buy Italian or other leather hides from our company, you can rest assured you’ll receive the very best in every aspect.


Why We Use Italian and South American Leather

You may wonder what’s so special about Italian and South American hides. The answer is attention to detail. They take care and pride in every part of the leather process, from using grass-fed cattle for their hides to utilizing fewer harsh chemicals to process the leather. These may seem like small details, but they make a big difference in how the leather looks. Grass-fed cows, for instance, have fewer stretch marks, and chemicals rid leather of its natural earthy scent.


These Italian and South American leather companies also tend to be smaller operations. They eschew mass production, which turns out harder, less-pliable leather. Instead, these suppliers tend to each piece individually and produce a robust product. Italian and South American leather is made to be sturdy. It withstands not just the scratches you get every day, but also the long-term wear and tear that comes in any industry leather that employs leather. These leather hides also age well, and while these hides often have imperfections, they add to the character of the leather, rather than take away from it.


Buy Bulk Italian, South American and Other Leather From Us Today

We believe quality should be the key driver of your purchase decision. Our customers value our ability to deliver exceptional leather quickly, and they love the convenience of ordering online. We hope you’ll browse our selection of embossed exotics and other unique leathers we have in-stock. Please feel free to contact us with any questions you have about our supply, or how to buy.