How We're Different

How We’re Different From Other Leather Distributors in the USA

For more than three decades, United Leather has been known as one of the best-quality leather suppliers in the country. We developed that reputation based on three main factors: our amazing selection, our ability to serve a wide range of industries and our leather’s outstanding quality. These assets set us apart from other companies time and time again. 

A Top-Notch Selection, Including Bulk Suede, Leather Sheets and More

We have a huge variety of leather hides of all types and colors available through our online store and at our LA warehouse. Our customers come to us with very specific needs, and they know we’re the best-quality leather supplier to meet them. They know we keep every color of hide in stock at all times, and when they order from us, we can get their hides to them almost immediately. 

Our gigantic inventory means you can find whatever you need at one place. This convenience pays off for busy professionals who want to place their order quickly and be done, instead of wasting time hunting for an obscure piece or wondering if it will be in stock. Our stock of embossed exotic leather includes: 

  •          Snake
  •          Crocodile
  •          Stingray 

Assisting a Variety of Industries With Purchasing Leather Online & In-store

Whether you’re looking for embossed exotics or cowhide leather suppliers in the USA, United Leather can deliver. Our customers come from a diverse group of industries that use leather, including fashion, interior design, pets, upholstery, theater and production and more. Why do they love us?

To start, we carry one of the largest sections of high-quality leather hides in our industry. We offer unique prints, embossed exotics and shimmery metallic perfect for the fashion and accessory industries. We can serve any designer’s needs. Our fast turnaround times also make us a popular choice. We leap into action as soon as you order and get your hides shipped to you as quickly as possible. Not to mention, we have one of the most knowledgeable and experienced teams of leather professionals who are able to assist leather-buyers from any industry and for every purpose!

We Offer The Best Cowhides You Can Find Online

Ultimately, it’s the quality of a supplier’s leather that really matters, and United Leather’s is the best in the business. We offer leather that’s strong enough to be used in products such as those from the sporting goods, hunting, and automotive industries, but supple enough to still look inviting for clients in the apparel, accessory, interior design and theatre industries. Our supreme inventory offers hides you will be proud to incorporate into your products. More importantly, we offer leather hides you’ll be impressed with!  

Check out our huge selection of leather hides for yourself. We look forward to fulfilling your orders.