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Lambskin Shearling

Shearling hides are tanned with the wool left on, combining the exquisite comfort and durability of lambskin leather with the warmth and rugged appearance of wool. Hair can be straight or curly and clipped to a variety of lengths for use in luxury fashion and interior design applications.

Sheepskin Shearling Hides for Cold Weather Garments

Shearling hides are an exceptional choice for numerous applications, including accessories, interior design, small leather goods, and clothing. The warm wool is particularly well-known in the fashion industry as a durable and stylish material perfect for crafting cold-weather garments such as coats, boots, and gloves.

Order Lambskin Shearling Hides From United Leather

As one of the largest leather distributors in the U.S., United Leather offers a premier selection of durable sheepskin shearling hides. Our material comes in a variety of weights, thicknesses, and color options to meet the needs of any high-end designer. You’ll receive fast ship times on each of our in-stock items, and we request only a one-hide minimum on all orders.

Contact us today for more information about our lambskin shearling inventory, or browse our selection below to place your order now.

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