Collection: Semi Naked Lambskin Leather

Semi-naked lambskin leather is minimally treated to maintain the hide’s gorgeous natural look and texture. It’s then dyed with rich pigments to achieve an array of vibrant colors. With an available collection of stunning bold hues and classic shades, these soft hides are ideal for use in fashion with numerous applications.

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Applications of Lambskin Leather Hides as Garment Leather

Semi-naked lambskin leather is as soft to the touch as it is visually appealing, making it an excellent choice for today’s top designers in the fashion industry. Because the thickness and weight of these hides are perfect for draping, they’re often used to create fashionable jackets, skirts, and similar apparel.

United Leather Is Your Premier Lambskin Leather Hides Supplier

Since its establishment in 1986, United Leather has become one of the largest and most reputable leather suppliers in the nation. We offer a wide range of semi-naked lamb leathers created to inspire designers around the world. You’ll find high-quality hides in an array of weights, colors, and thicknesses uniquely suited to your applications.

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