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United Leather offers glitter and metallic foil leathers, as well as muted metallic leathers, in an array of colors and textures. Our metallic leathers are ideal for creating unique accessories, footwear, handbags, and other small goods. The distinct metallic patterns are also perfect for automotive upholstery and interior design decorating.

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Cowhide Leather in Metallic Finishes

Cowhide leather is an exceptionally durable and versatile material, and the beautiful finish of our metallic cowhide leather makes it a popular choice in a range of high-end fashion and interior decorating applications.

Choose United Leather as Your Cow Leather Supplier

As one of the largest and most reputable cow leather suppliers in the U.S., United Leather is your premier choice for high-quality metallic leather hides. We offer many styles of metallic-finish leathers suited for nearly any application, and all of our leathers are competitively priced. We require no lead times on in-stock items and request only a one-hide minimum on all purchases.

Browse our extensive inventory now to order your metallic cowhide leather, or reach out to us today to speak to a representative for more information.