Hair On Cowhide Leather

Hair on cowhide leather provides the natural beauty and durability of cowhide under the unique texture of calf and cow hair. The hair is left on the hide during the tanning process for use in upscale fashion accessories.

Applications of Hair On Hide Leather Designs

United Leather offers numerous pattern options, including natural cow hair patterns, cheetah, zebra, leopard, tiger, snakeskin, and more. Choose from a variety of weights, sizes, hair lengths, and thicknesses in both unique and traditional color options.

Hair on cowhide leather has long been a popular material in Western wear such as vests and hats, and its influence has recently expanded to other areas of the fashion and interior design industries. Hair on hide leather rugs, pillows, and upholstery items are often found in upscale homes, while the material can also be used to create stunning fashion accessories like purses and footwear.

Order Hair On Hide Leather From United Leather

As one of the largest leather distributors in the U.S., United Leather offers a large inventory of hair on hide leathers for nearly any industry application. We require no lead times and request only a one-hide minimum on all in-stock hides.

Browse our selection now to order your hair on cowhide leather, or contact a representative for more information about our products.

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