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Rabbit, Goatskin, Fox and Sheepskin Fur on Leather Hides

Fur is soft and versatile and can be used in nearly any industry. United Leather carries a variety of natural and dyed furs that are ideal for many applications, including upholstery, interior design, accessories, and garments.
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Types of Hair On Leather Hides and Plates

Fur has long been seen as a symbol of wealth and status, and it’s typically used to create high-end coats, boots, handbags, upholstery items, and even accessories like pillows. The designs and textures of different furs can add upscale elegance to nearly any design.

Whether you’d like fur that’s straight, curly, long, short, natural, or dyed, you’ll find hides and plates for nearly any application in our extensive selection. Choose from several types of soft, luscious furs for fashion and interior design, including:

  • Rabbit
  • Fox
  • Goat
  • Mongolian sheep

Order Fur Hides and Plates From United Leather

As one of the largest and most trusted leather suppliers in the country, United Leather is your reliable source for top-quality hair on leather hides and plates. We offer an array of colors, weights, and sizes suited to meet your unique applications.

Enjoy competitive prices, no lead times, and only a one-hide or one-plate minimum on all in-stock items. Browse our selection below to order your fur hides and plates today, or contact us for more information.