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Collection: Full Grain / Pebble Cowhide Leather

Full-grain is when the top surface of the hide has not been corrected, sanded or buffed in any way. Therefore it maintains its natural texture and color.

Colors may vary from photograph to actual leather in hand. For color approval, please order a leather swatch.

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Full-Grain Leather Hides

Product Details

Full-grain leather is very durable and strong. United Leather carries a number of options with a wide color selection and a variety of textures and finishes. Full-grain options are the ideal leather hides for furniture and other interior design purposes because of their strength and durability. It can also be used in accessories, handbags and small leather goods.

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We carry high-quality, competitively priced whole hides of full-grain and pebble grain cowhide leather. Our professionals provide no lead times and only require a one-hide minimum for in-stock items. If you wish to speak with a representative, do not hesitate to contact us online for further information.