leather for clothing

Leather Suppliers for the Clothing Industry

Leather has become a popular material for clothing. Its versatility, durability, and flexibility make it fun for designers to work with. They use their creativity to come up with lively and unexpected ideas, playing on the many varied textures of leather. Exotic snakeskin pants, aged leather jackets, soft suede dresses — the possibilities for leather reach every corner of the closet.


United Leather proudly supplies leather for many well-known and sought-after businesses across the apparel industry. Our trendy, fashion-forward leather attracts companies around the world, who come to us because we offer such an impressive selection. We have many colors and styles that make our hides in-demand.


The characteristic that apparel companies value most in our leather is its quality. We source from only the finest tanneries in South America and Italy. Our lamb leather is strong enough to make clothing that will last, yet supple enough to provide comfort.

What Can Apparel Companies Use Our Leather to Make?

We provide hides for all types of apparel. Here are just a few ways clothing designers have used our leather:

  • Jackets: Our Italian leather hides are used to make exquisite jackets that can look vintage or brand-new, depending on the targeted demographic!
  • Pants: The versatile leather we offer is perfect for designers making leather pants that are as tight as leggings, or as moveable as a pair of slacks.
  • Dresses: We provide leather you can use to make a classic little black dress, a daring metallic-embossed leather dress, or a belly crocodile-embossed dress.


We also provide hides to companies specializing in motorcycle clothing and gear. This type of leather must be strong enough to protect riders who are frequently whipped around and need a barrier to prevent windburn or chafing. Jackets and chaps made from our leather look great and keep riders from harm, especially in the event of a crash.


The Advantages of Choosing United Leather to Supply Your Clothing Company’s Leather

United Leather has been a proud partner of the apparel industry for more than three decades. We understand the needs of your business and that you want your pieces delivered quickly. That’s why we keep a huge stock on-hand and offer a fast turnaround. When you place an order with us, we work on filling it as soon as possible (typically within one to three business days). Another benefit of choosing United Leather, in addition to the high quality of our hides and the vast selection, is our accessibility. We prioritize our customers’ needs to give you the best possible service, answering your questions and addressing your concerns completely.


You can browse our selection of hides and buy them online, or you can visit our New York City showroom & LA headquarters to speak with our professional team. Contact us today for more information about our top-quality leather hides for your clothing company.