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Since 1986, United Leather has been meeting the needs of customers across a wide range of industries including fashion, upholstery, interior design, and more! These industries might seem to have little in common, but they all rely on our hides to successfully run their business, side-job, or personal hobby. We love having the opportunity to serve so many people across a variety of dynamic and exciting professions, as well as the many designers and hobbyists. Here is a look at the industries we supply and how they use our hides.

Leather for Fashion Designers

Fashion designers use our hides to make clothing, jewelry, accessories, handbags, footwear, and more. They tend to use hides such as embossed exotics and fur in their garments for a daring flair. United Leather also works with many designers to create the most important staple piece in their fashion line – the leather jacket.

Leather for Upholstery

The upholstery industry heavily relies on bulk leather to cover couches, armchairs, sofas, love seats, and more. Our ability to provide durable and beautiful leather that meets the needs of practical and elegant upholsterers is what sets United Leather apart from other leather suppliers in our industry!

Leather for Interior Design

There’s no limit to how leather can be used in the interior design space. It’s most commonly used as upholstery for a piece of furniture that becomes a room’s focal point, such as an elegant couch. But visionary designers have even used it for wall covering, flooring, and decorative statement pieces.

Leather for Pet Supplies & Accessories

People adore their pets, and they want strong accessories that will keep them safe and stylish. United Leather works with designers and manufacturers in the pet industry to supply leather for collars, toys, clothing, and other trendy, but durable pet accessories.

Leather for the Automotive Industry

Leather seats have always signaled an upscale, classic ride. In addition, motorcycles often have leather seats that are highly complimentary of the leather jackets worn by their riders. United Leather is proud to supply durable and fashionable hides for automotive interiors and garments!

Leather for Bondage & Sex Toys

To promote a safe and fulfilling sexual experience, leather toys and accessories should be created to last a long time. Our leather provides the right strength, durability, and style needed for these products and their varying uses.

Leather for Sports and Hunting

Many favorite sporting pastimes depend on leather, which is used to make basketballs, baseballs, sports bags, equestrian gear, and hunting equipment. Even bicycle seats are fashioned from leather. United Leather is happy to offer durable, quality leather that withstands the wear and tear of the sporting industry. Our customers proudly show it off.

Leather for Film Production and Theatre

A great production depends on the visuals. Set and costume designers use our leather to make costumes, dance shoes, props, and other set pieces that amaze audiences.

Leather for Western Wear

Saddles, chaps, and holsters have been crafted from leather since the earliest days of the Wild West. Its durability keeps experienced cowboys and first-time riders protected while also looking stylish. United Leather partners with many manufacturers to deliver the quality products their customers need and expect!

Leather for Crafts & Small Projects

We work with many Etsy crafters, as well as people who simply enjoy working on small projects using leather. Our low minimums allow customers to make small orders, getting just enough for their current project(s).

We Can Fulfill Leather Orders for Any Type of Project

We love providing the leather hides that keep your business, side-gig, or hobby going strong. Our huge inventory means everyone can find what they want, and we do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. Contact us today to discuss how we can further assist you!