Buy a Leather Collection Book     

We recommend you order sample books to see the exact textures and colors of our samples.  What is a collection book? This book allows customers to get a closer look at our collection. You can touch, feel and smell our leather before actually purchasing multiple hides. Ordering one of these books can save you time and money by letting you see exactly what your options are — especially what wouldn’t work for your purposes.

For those who don’t live near our headquarters or showroom, buying a collection book is the next-best thing to seeing our full leather hides in person. You can take your time as you look through our samples and see how they look with your other products. We offer three different collection books. 

Cow Leather Collection Book: $75 - shipping not included

This book includes our extensive selection of cow leather. You’ll find samples from our cowhide collections, including chrome tanned, vegetable tanned, belting and oil-tanned.

Lamb Collection Book: $50 - shipping not included

This book contains samples of our lambskin leather. You can view what our Nappa, semi pigmented and metallic finishes look like from the comfort of your office or home.

Interior Design & Upholstery Collection Book:  $150 - shipping not included

Interior designers use a range of different types of leather. View a collection of our best options and see how they line up for your design visions. 



Please email [email protected] for more information or to make a purchase.