Custom Wholesale Products

If you wish to use promotional gifts to market your company is products or services, you can go for wholesale custom promotional products that can be purchased at affordable prices.

Customized Magnets

Magnets can be an effective alternative to lapel pins. Delicate clothing materials can be damaged by pins, but magnets would be able to hold clip-on items to any fabric. You can customize such magnets by printing your company name or logo and distribute them to your customers. Customized magnets can be a very effective means to promote your company is products and services. Full color magnets can be very attractive and prominent on apparel.

Mini Promotional Fan

Mini battery operated fans can be ideal items for beating the heat during summer. They can be used at any time and place when there is no access to electricity. Most of them come in a size of 110 x 35 x 50mm, with a print area of 20 x 15 mm which is sufficient for printing a logo or the company name. The printing is usually done on the fan is plastic blades.

Customized Sticky Notes

Sticky notes are used widely in every office premises. These bits of paper are always prominent as they are supposed to remind people of the tasks that they need to do. It is possible to print your company name or logo in a single color at one location on the sticky notes. So you logo or name would always be prominently displayed for people to see.

Customized sticky notes can be ordered in various different shapes and colors. The printing can be done in 4 colors on the cover and in a single color on each sticky sheet.

Customized Match Boxes & Booklets

Customized match boxes and booklets are ideal for any type of business campaign. These bright, eye catching items can display your brand or logo prominently. The items contain two to three dozen matches per booklet or box. The match heads come in a variety of different colors.

Printed Conference Bags

A conference is a great place to promote your brand. What better way to gift printed conference bags with your brand name printed on each bag. The participants would do all the promotion for you as they move around the conference facility with your brand display prominently on the bag. You can choose bags made of 600d polyester which come in different vibrant colors.

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Leather And Leather Products

Leather is a natural product created through the drying and tanning of animal hides. Leather and leather products are preferred not only due to the durability but also their versatility. There are different types of leather with each type often depending on the nature of animal skin that was used and the methods employed during the drying and tanning as well as any additional treatment applied. Each type of leather has its most appropriate uses.

Leather products come in many shapes and form. Leather is a popular material for clothing, handbags, briefcases, furniture, car upholstery, book covers, bindings and drums. Leather and leather products have managed to hold the consumer market captive for years thanks to a healthy balance of two attributes: low long term cost and durability.

Is buying leather and leather products really cheap? In the short term, no – but in the medium and long term (which is often what matters), yes. The shelf price of leather products is considerably higher than products made from other material such as cotton, wool and synthetic fibre. A number of famous clothes, wallet and bag brands take pride in using only genuine leather and base their high cost on that one fact. But this high initial cost is cheap over time – good quality leather products guarantee the buyer a longer product life, which translates to reduced replacement and repair cost.

Leather and leather products can provide resilience against the elements as well as providing comfort to the wearer. Clothing made from quality leather can withstand the low temperatures of the cold months since the pores on attire made from leather fabric naturally contract when subjected to the cold. This is an attribute that results from leather being made from animal hide since hide exhibits similar characteristics during the cold.

Special treatment can be applied to leather and leather products during processing in order to give the leather resilience in certain conditions. For instance, soft supple leather can better withstand exposure to water than ordinary leather can. Soft supple leather results when chromium salts are used during the tanning process. If even suppler leather is required, emulsified oils are used. Of course this variety of leather (referred to as buckskin or brain-tanned leather) is more costly and takes longer to produce. The quality of animal leather used is also a key factor in how soft the leather eventually turns out.

Other forms of leather such as top-grain leather, suede and patent leather are popular in the production of luxury items such as purses, wallets, belts, watches and shoes. Each of these forms of leather require specific cutting and processing. In top-grain leather for instance, only one side of the leather cloth is sanded. An artificial grain is then used to conceal the raw leathers surface imperfection. Suede is cut away from the inner side of the animal hide and is left fuzzy on both sides while patent leather is coated with plastic to give it a smooth shiny finish.

Leather and leather products demonstrate an impressive resistance to fire and abrasion although the level of resistance will depend on the type of hide used and the tanning process. High grade fire and abrasion resistant leather products can provide significant protection during explosions, fires and accidents. In fact, according to a study by the United States Department of Transportation’s National Safety Administration, leather provided more abrasion resistance than any other material of clothing during accidents. offers high quality Leather and leather products, including affordable Briefcases, Laptop/Portfolio Cases, Messenger Bags, Rolling Cases, Duffle Bags that are perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones.