There Are Many Types of Cowhide Rugs


People may not realize how many different types of cowhide rugs are available. While the types that are somewhat animal-shaped have been enduring classics on the décor scene, there are also a variety of other types available.


These products came into being because ranchers and others who raised animals for meat didn’t want to throw away anything that they could use. Some hides were tanned to create shoes, belts, bags and other items that people could wear or use to carry other items in. These products usually had the hair removed for practical reasons such as not to pick up mud when they were used for shoes or boots. Other products had the hair left on. These were used to cover furniture in some cases or to create items like handbags. People sometimes made jackets from these types.


Stores that offer cowhide rugs for sale offer them in a variety of ways. The ones that have the basic animal shape with legs and neck areas are popular with many people. These types can often be found in front of a fireplace or in a den. People in many rural areas of the country who have a ranch house or farmhouse like this style because it is a natural pairing with most primitive or country-style furnishings.


Other types include round ones that feature a compass rose design. These can be found in many sizes and color choices. It is not uncommon to find whites, creams, grays, browns and blacks all in one rug. Some people will want ones that focus only on a few colors like cream and gray or brown and beige. These types are only one of the many patchwork cowhide rugs that are available. There are also ones that resemble the traditional squares of quilts.


The pattern and color that is found on these will vary depending on what breed of cattle it comes from. There are some types that feature irregular blotches and spots of color, such as black on white. Some breeds have a brindle pattern which is usually a mix of browns and grays or blacks in a thin, irregular stripe. Some hides such as those that come from Brahma cattle are basically one color such as gray but with a different level of color density.


People can also find ones that have been stenciled with other patterns. Those who like the African safari look may want to look for ones that are patterned after the animals on other continents. Some of the most popular of these types of cowhide rugs are the classic black and white stripes of zebras or the eye-catching dots of the leopard.

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Types of Cowhide for Women Leather Jackets

The most important of the entire animal hide used in manufacturing leather product is cow hide. It also depends upon the coloring and tanning of the product for various types of leather is produce.

Tanning process is one of the lengthy processes as it requires various steps. First the hide must be soaked, so that it get soften and to remove the hair. After that it is different types of leather which depend upon thickness of the hide, scars or brands and size.

The word tanning has its origins from the word tannins in vegetables, it is an original method of coloring the hide. As leather is supple is then soaked in water to become stiff and loses its shape

Method of using chromium salt and chromium sulfate was invented in the year 1858. By using this process leather would be much more supple and pliable and was easier to dye as it was blue in color than brown, and it preserve its quality.

Types of Leather

Full-Grain leather is not split as compare to other leather, not even sanded or brushed to clear imperfection. Due to which it get retained which give it durability, breathability and strength. As a time pass it develops patina, because of which it is used for making shoes or furniture.

Top- grain cowhide is produced only for making leather jacket; it’s thinner and more pliable. It goes under various treatments to make it more durable leather. It’s a perfect choice for biker jacket or racer jacket. Women leather jacket can last for long time if taken care from good cleaning agent.

Naked leather is created from higher grade hides with fewer blemishes due to which it is more expensive. It is smooth on one side and nappy rough on other and it is consider as natural leather. To make this leather breathe it is treated with aniline to make it porous. Which make it cooler even in hot weather? As it is soft and natural it is the best choice for women leather jacket.

Corrected grain leather is made by adding artificial grains to its surface. It is made out of low quality leather

Split leather is a leftover of full grain leather. Usually it is use to make suede leather.

As women leather jacket are design using all this types of material top grain leather is the first choice of every women. It makes them look astonishingly smart and sexy. It’s a perfect for every women wardrobe.

Jhon Mithwa is a fashion designer at LeatherNXG. Being a fashion profession i understands the nuances of fashion industry like a pro, as my interests have always laid in fashion and shopping. Leather apparels like leather jackets, blazers and bombers are her forte and hence, i joined this industry for taking places. Coupled with impeccable knowledge of leather, The passion for writing has got me online to serve people who wish to know more and more about this adventurous material.

Enhance Your Home With Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs have been used in interior design for many years and there are many wonderful traditional and modern designs to choose from. The main benefit of cowhide rugs is that they are both soft and hardwearing. This means that as well as adding a touch of natural elegance to your room they also feel very cosy and welcoming. Because cowhide rugs are a natural product no two designs are exactly the same and this creates a charming uniqueness that can compliment most interior design schemes.

Using Cowhide Rugs in Your Home

The pattern and texture of cowhide rugs is very distinctive and they can create a bold design statement in your home. However as they are a natural product cowhide rugs are not intrusive and this is a very useful way to create a powerful interior design scheme that is also harmonious and welcoming. Cowhide rugs are available in many different brindled, spotted and multi-tonal designs so there is a lot of choice available to suit your own tastes. You can get different colours as well including black and white, brown and a wide range of dyed effects (from metallic to bright primary colours).

Cowhide rugs are very soft and hardwearing and are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and any other interior spaces.

Caring for Cowhide Rugs

Quality cowhide rugs will last a very long time but you do need to care for them to help keep them looking their best. Make sure you vacuum the rug as you would a normal carpet as this will help remove any household dirt and dust from the natural fibres. If you have pets it is a good idea to get a pet hair removal attachment for your vacuum as this will help you to easily remove pet hair from your cowhide rugs, furniture and carpets.

Cowhide rugs are resistant to staining and so will not need to be cleaned very often. A quick sponge over with some warm water and a mild detergent should be enough to keep the rug looking bright and clean. You can also treat the rug with a special ‘Scotch Guard’ coating which will also help it to repel dirt and grime. You should try to avoid getting your rug too wet when you wash it. Don’t forget cowhide is essentially a leather-type product and this type of material does not benefit from being soaked in water like synthetic fabrics. This can cause the colours to run and could wash out the preservatives effectively ruining the hide. Hides that get too wet can also shrink and warp as they dry so avoid putting these types of rugs in damp or humid rooms such as the bathroom. Although cowhide is a type of leather you will not be able to use cleaning products designed for leather shoes or coats on them as this can damage the hairs.

It is a good idea to rotate the rug every few months to help create a more even wear. This is important for areas where the rug is under heavy foot traffic such as hallways.

Cowhide rugs can provide a touch of natural luxury to any home design scheme and enhance living rooms, conservatories, bedrooms and dining areas. These types of rugs are available in different patterns and colours and provide a hardwearing yet soft flooring for your home.

Cowhide rugs with wooden flooring

Cowhide rugs with wooden flooring
If you have wooden flooring but still want to add a carpet like feel then you might decide to choose cowhide rugs as an alternative to getting your whole house re-carpeted. But before you decide there are many people who aren’t sure if they should go with carpet or wooden flooring. This article is aimed at exploring both options. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can get more information on cowhide rugs and reclaimed mirrors.
Carpets Vs Wooden flooring – The battle continues
Long time ago in the battle of the interior designers the battle which in turn lead to what is now referred to as the ‘War of the flooring’. All joking aside there have been debates for many years, even decades now, which is the best carpets or wooden/hard flooring with cowhide rugs.
To carpet or not to carpet
Many people opt for hardwood as a quick, accessible and cost efficient way of removing carpets (as you can always opt to purchasing a cowhide rug). This is not always the case and you should always way up the alternatives to confirm that you are making an educated decision as a consumer. The initial cost may be less but the year on year cost to treat and care for you hardwood flooring can soon way up. People also have the misconception that carpets are less hygienic than hardwood floors. The way that shags are created means that dirt sticks, but this dirt can be removed very easily with the use of a vacuum cleaner; hardwood floors do not have such abilities and as such need to be thoroughly cleaned all over to get the same cleaning effect. Some people now believe that as carpets are easier to maintain, they are the better option if you have allergies.
Other key benefits of Carpets over hardwood flooring include:
Greater Warmth
Sound insulation

Some of these advantages can pass over to hardwood flooring with the use of a cowhide rug, these cowhide rugs can help to add warmth to your house and also help to reduce noise.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Keeping with the theme of Carpets Vs hard wood flooring, carpets give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures. If you type in the keywords ’cowhides’ into an internet search engine, you’ll be sure to find an array of different types of cowhide rugs that are currently on the market.

Cowhide rugs  are provided with the most highest quality with a great selection to choose from. also provides reclaimed mirrors  as well – visit our website today to see our huge selection!

The Best Way Anyone Can Easily Eliminate Creases Simply from Cowhide Rugs

Any time cowhide carpets are bundled and sent the cowhide can sometimes have the tendency to get some folding mark and creases. Over time within usual use on the floor the carpet wrinkles should come out normally nevertheless if it is desired to have a extremely smooth cowhide rug quickly then there is an simple means utilizing a domestic flat iron to be able to make sure the particular cowhide appears pristine through the off.

Equipment Necessary

Good size towel
Damp flannel or towel
Domestic flat iron
Cowhide rug

Put your own cowhide rug on the floor over the top of the towel. The purpose of having the small towel is for you to preserve your flooring covering from any kind of potential damage the iron’s warmth might cause. Plug in the flat iron – make use of an extension power cord when necessary and set the iron to the highest heat range possible. Put the moist flannel (or similarly damp tea bath towel or other clean lint free fabric) over the cowhide rug and work the flat iron over the wrinkle in the hide in the exact same method you would perform when pressing clothes. Make sure the flat iron moves easily over the area necessary and apply it just for the bare minimum time necessary to take away the wrinkles. You will find pretty swiftly that this procedure is a quick and effective method to make certain you have got a crease free and perfect cowhide from the off. Let the hide cool before you place it back again in your desired position upon the floor.

You can duplicate this procedure routinely with the water vapor function of a steam iron if needed as a clean chemical free manner to fumigate your hide and preserve this in spotless condition. When steaming you can place the iron over the carpet and direct vapor jets straight at specially soiled areas .This will be a wonderful means to take out every rug’s major problem – trapped in chewing gum.

In a handful of circumstances this course of action might prove insufficient to remove particularly obstinate creases from the hide and this may end up being a function of the method the hide was dried following the tanning procedure. These are minimal and you shouldn’t get worried about these – hide is a natural item and branding iron markings, modest marks and holes are usually a regular part of some of each of these types of unique pieces.

Cowhides rugs are usually distinctively individual items and a outstanding addition to any kind of design of home décor from the conventional farm house to the uber modern day loft design metropolitan condo and when purchased carefully from trusted importers and suppliers and cared for sensitively can certainly offer practically a life-time of pleasure and use.

Ian works for one of the UK’s largest and most reliable importers and retailers of Cow Hide Rugs. We sell only the finest quality, South American cowhide rugs, and have one of the UK’s largest selections with over 200 cowhides in stock. Our hand-selected cow skin rugs have been chromium hand-tanned in the traditional way so they will last for years.

You can find out more about these wonderful animal skins and purchase them at out two websites – City Cows UK – and our companion website Cow Hide Rugs UK –

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Cowhide Rugs Combine Luxury and Innovation

If you’re looking for something just that little bit different while still desiring the traditional warmth, comfort and luxury that you expect, then Cowhide Rugs are an excellent option for your home. These rugs are as individual as you are, yet are wonderfully thick, warming and soft to the touch.

Only natural colours are used for these rugs and therefore they are a wonderful mix of creams, blacks and various shades of brown. The very nature of the product means that no two rugs are the same and therefore they are truly unique. For this reason, every rug is individually photographed so that you can see exactly what you are ordering. The rugs come in a vast range of sizes with prices to suit all pockets.

Warm, Cosy and Good to Look At

Cowhide Rugs just look to have a wonderfully warm feel about them and they are cosy and comforting during the cold winter months. In the summer they just look amazing and are therefore the perfect all year round rug.
These rugs will enhance any part of the home and look particularly stunning against a hardwood floor. There are surprisingly hard wearing and can therefore be used anywhere in the home. Their warmth makes them ideal for the bedroom but they are strong enough to be placed in areas of the home where there is more likely to be some heavier traffic.

One of the Most Versatile and Attractive Rugs on the Market

As well as being a visually stunning floor covering, Cowhide Rugs are extremely versatile and have a number of uses. They make attractive wall hangings and are often used as throws in the bedroom or on the sofa. Due to their natural warmth they make wonderfully cosy blankets and are often used as ground coverings by picnickers or campers. Additionally, they are often used by campers to line tents and caravans for extra warmth.

Cowhide Rugs are very durable and need no more care than any other floor covering. They can be vacuumed as part of your normal cleaning routine and any stains or spills can be mopped up easily with a damp cloth. It is a good idea, as it is with all floor coverings, to rotate the rug so that it wears evenly and generally if the rug is looked after with these simple methods, it will look beautiful for years to come.

Cowhide Rugs are great additions to the home for many reasons. To summarise they offer:

• Individuality – quite simply these are stunning rugs and just by the very nature of the way they are produced, you will never see another rug the same as yours.

• Warmth – these rugs are lovely and soft to the touch and their natural warmth is a delight.

• Versatility – As well as being beautiful floor coverings, cowhide rugs have a number of uses. From throws to blankets to wall hangings, the list is restricted only by your imagination.

• Durability – if cared for, Cowhide Rugs remain pristine for many years.

These rugs are truly unique and are stunning additions to any home. There are so many to choose from and a large range of Cowhide Rugs are available to purchase online. For a truly unrivalled Cowhide Rug Collection visit Rug House.

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Could Cowhide Rugs be the ideal finishing touch for your newly decorated home?

Animal print accessories, cowhide rugs and animal hide covered furniture are timeless classics when it comes to interior design and are almost neutral options which match all different kinds of wallpaper, paint, floor coverings and furniture. Cowhide rugs which are not made from quality materials are instantly recognisable and can easily cheapen the interior look of a space, and this is why those interesting in having cowhide rugs in their home should ensure they opt for the best kind they can find.

One of the main reasons why cowhide rugs are so popular with all kinds of homeowners, regardless of their taste in interior design, furniture and accessories, is the fact that each and every cowhide rugs option is going to offer something unique.

When working with animal skin and hide no two rugs are ever the same, and this makes cowhide rugs a great choice for those who want their home to look as stylish – but bespoke – as possible.

If you are looking for cowhide rugs for your home then visit us here at Planet Craft and take a look at the wide range of cowhide rugs we have on offer. We specialise in cowhide rugs and all kinds of leather options, from beanbags and footstools to cushions, bedcovers, throws, rugs and hammocks.

We know good quality cowhide rugs when we see them and all of the hides we use are sustainably sourced from animals which are going to be used in the food industry. We handpick all of the hides for our cowhide rugs and this ensures that our customers only get the best.

Our selection of cowhide rugs includes whole cowhides, whole coloured cowhides, patterned cowhides and patchwork cowhide rugs, and to make buying cowhide rugs from us as convenient as possible, we offer free delivery to anywhere within the UK.

Visit us here at Planet Craft and browse through the wide selection of top quality cowhide rugs we have on offer. We specialise in cowhide rugs and all of our cowhide rugs have been handpicked for quality by our skilled team.

Find the right cowhide rugs for your needs on our site.

If you want to transform your living quarters and make any room charming and appealing then our plush, pillow soft cowhide rugs from are ideal. Our reclaimed mirrors are also lovely.

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