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Spruce up your sofa with Upholstery Cleaning London

Those stubborn stains on your suite are a real pain aren’t they? Cleaning agents bought from supermarkets don’t seem to have any positive effects. You’ve tried turning the cushions over a number of times and now the sofa has stains on both sides. What can you do? Have Upholstery Cleaning London completed on your suite. Trained technicians can visit your home to carry out the Upholstery Cleaning London and they are experts at removing even the most stubborn stains. Put up with stubborn stains on your sofa if you like but you don’t have to when Upholstery Cleaning London is available.

Smell something musty?

When was the last time that you had your sofa professionally cleaned with professional Upholstery Cleaning London? Have you ever had your sofa cleaned? If not, it might be your suite that is harbouring a nasty niff. A simple clean will soon have your sofa looking and smelling fresh once more and it can be completed by an Upholstery Cleaning London team. Any stains that are in the suite can be carefully removed and the surface area will be treated with special cleaning agents during the Upholstery Cleaning London. Is it time to clean the sofa? Give the experienced Upholstery Cleaning London specialists a call and see the marvellous results that can be achieved with a comprehensive cleaning package.

Worried about damaging your luxurious upholstery?

You shouldn’t be. Thanks to their vast experience the technicians who perform the Upholstery Cleaning London are used to cleaning a wide variety of fabrics and materials. They know the best products to use during the Upholstery Cleaning London and will ensure a comprehensive clean is completed without causing any distress to the product. You want your sofas and chairs clean, not damaged, and the technicians who undertake the Upholstery Cleaning London are fully aware of this fact. Rest assured. Arrange for Upholstery Cleaning London to be carried out in your home and your sofas and chairs will be revitalised with the utmost of care and attention. Don’t worry about your upholstery. Bring it back to life with a thorough clean.

Carpetclinicltd.co.uk your sofas and chairs can look as good as new with Upholstery Cleaning London . Our skilled technicians know how to remove the most stubborn stains; visit our site for more info.

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House Cleaning Tip: How To Kill Bacteria In Common Household Areas

Disinfecting Bacteria in your Home

Keeping a home clean and healthy can be a struggle. While it’s easy to disinfect surfaces and kill bacteria in easy-to-reach spaces, most people don’t realize that bacteria may be growing in various places throughout their homes, placing their families at risk of infection. Here are some common places bacteria hide and how to fight it. 


Bacteria love to grow in moisture. That makes the bathroom an ideal environment for bacteria. Cleaning the bathroom sink, toilet, shower, and floors with a disinfectant cleaner is good first step, but bacteria can flourish in a seemingly clean environment. There are a few extra steps that can be taken to further minimize bacterial exposure. 

Toilet: Since toilets constantly hold water, it is virtually impossible to eliminate all bacteria living under the water’s surface. The key is to limit any exposure to that bacteria. When the toilet is flushed, the pressure forces tiny particles of fecal material into the air. Keeping the toilet lid closed while flushing will prevent these particles from becoming airborne. It is also important to disinfect the toilet twice a week. To prevent cross contamination, do not use any sponges or cloths used to clean the toilet on other surfaces. 

Shower: Along with bacteria, showers tend to grow mold and mildew. Most people take care to disinfect the floor and walls of their shower or bathtub, but neglect the source of the water itself. To keep a shower germ free, remove the showerhead and soak in a solution of bleach and water or vinegar and water. This will not only kill bacteria, but any mold or mildew that may be growing inside. 


The kitchen is the area where people tend to be the most vigilant about disinfecting surfaces. Fighting bacteria while preparing food requires clean hands and clean surfaces. However, bacteria can sneak into the very materials that are used to keep the kitchen clean. 

Sponges: Bacteria love sponges. They are a moist and fertile breeding ground for nasty germs. It is easy to disinfect sponges in the microwave. Placing a moist sponge in the microwave for 2 minutes will kill any bacteria growing inside. 

Garbage disposal: The garbage disposal presents some of the same problems as the toilet. Placing a cover over the drain will prevent bacterial particles from being forced into the air over sinks and counter-tops. 


One potential area of the home that may be neglected when disinfecting is the bedroom. While it is not commonly associated with bacteria, there are areas of the bedroom where germs love to breed. 

Mattress: When sleeping, the human body will sweat and also shed dead skin cells. Over time, these particles become trapped in the mattress and attract dust mites and other organisms. Baking soda can be used to disinfect a mattress. Sprinkle baking soda on the surface of the mattress, let it sit for about an hour, and then vacuum. Dust mite and moisture will be drawn out and removed.


Eileen Saw writes tips and advice on home and family topics. For a more convenient cleaning regime, she also recommends using floor washing robots that will do the work for you and save you time.

Cleaning Sheepskin Rugs

Sheepskin rugs are a hefty cleaning job all in itself, and a lot of first time rug buyers are not too sure on how to clean the rug properly. Depending on whether or not you got a synethic or 100% natural sheepskin rug, you’ll either be able to hand wash or put it in the machine.

First up I’d like to stay clear of using any sort of water and cleaning liquid just yet. I have an old trick that I like to use when cleaning by sheepskin rug. First get your hands on a stiff metal brush, and either a handheld vacuum or your large vacuum. If you’re using your large vacuum I’d recommend covering the hose with a pantyhose, or something similar. Take the metal brush and give your sheepskin rug a nice brushing from head to toe. Once you’ve brushed it out gently run the vacuum over everything and hopefully you’ll get most of the gunk out.

If you managed to get a stain of some sort on your rug, or must clean it with water and solution, then lets go over the particulars. Some people tend to put their sheepskin rug into the washing machine but I don’t really recommend it. It will be fine for a couple of times, but your rug will quickly lose its luster and plushness. If you need to wash your rug in water then I suggest you draw a cold bath and use a cleaning solution that’s sheepskin friendly. Gently wash your rug in the water for 5 minutes and then hang it to dry for 7-10 hours. Once your rug is dry run your metal brush through it until it comes back to life.

Some sheepskin rugs can be machine washed and they’ll say on the tag. If that is the case, make sure to wash it in cold water only and NEVER, ever put it in the dryer. If you want to leave it up to the professionals your local dry cleaner should be able to take care of your rug. A dry cleaner will charge you a decent amount for cleaning these types of rugs, and if you have anything over the size of a quad it will definitely cost a lot.

There are a few cleaning solutions made specifically for sheepskin rugs and similar furs. You can use good old Google, or call your local dry cleaner to see what they recommend. I know that this cleaning method isn’t the most ideal, but if you love your sheepskin rug you’ll want to keep it clean and soft for as long as possible.

If you’d like to buy a sheepskin rug you can get a high quality New Zealand rug from Sheepskin Furs.

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Cleaning Suede Upholstery


Suede upholstery not only looks great, it is extremely soft and comfortable. This is why suede is such a popular upholstery material. However, it is more delicate than normal leather and requires special care to keep it looking good for years.

Even if you have a domestic cleaning London agency coming in to clean your house and your upholstery regularly, keep in mind that suede absorbs liquids and other kinds of stains more the normal leather and if you get a stain on suede, its best to clean it up immediately before it gets ingrained in the material, rather than waiting for the domestic cleaning agency to come and clean it – it may be too late by them.

* Any spill should be blotted with a clean white cloth or paper towel. Never rub the stain as this will push it deeper into the fabric.

* Do not use any cleaning fluids or sprays that are not specifically designed for use on suede. They could damage the finish of the material.

* You can try removing small spots or stains by using a clean art gum eraser to rub the stain away. But never rub too hard and if the eraser does not seem to be having any effect, stop immediately.

* It is advisable not to try to remove major stains or spills from suede yourself, you could do more harm than good. It’s safer to call in your domestic cleaning agency for a special job or a profession leather cleaning expert to do the job.

* Never try and scrape away any coagulated dirt from suede. You could scrape off the nap along with the dirt.

Besides stain removal, regular brushing of the suede will increase its life. Here are 4 easy steps for doing this:

1. Use a soft napping brush and suede (or Nubuck) cleaning cloths that are available from furniture shops to brush away dirt. Do not over brush or rub any one area. A good brushing once a week should be fine.

2. Move the brush and cloth in different direction so as to clean all sides of the nap and ensure that dirt is not being forced into one side.

3. After brushing the suede, run a clean dry sponge over the surface to give the nap an even look.

4. Ask your house cleaning agency to recommend a good water proofing agent to keep the suede clean between the periodic cleanings.

Nick Vassilev is the founder of successful carpet cleaning London and end of tenancy cleaning London businesses delivering quality cleaning services to thousands of clients.

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