Hardwood Floors and Area Rugs

Hardwood and wood-laminate floors are very much in style in new homes and in floor re-modeling projects. The wood comes in all kinds of patterns, board widths and thicknesses. You can get engineered wood that is put down over an under pad and there are other kinds of flooring that can be put directly over solid surfaces or vinyl. Wood flooring also comes in a wide range of prices and it is still possible to replace old wood flooring, carpet, or vinyl economically with well-made, attractive wood floorings. With some study and “how-to” steps from the Internet or the library, you can even install the wood flooring yourself. If you are not handy or have some serious reservations about your ability to handle such a task, it is better to let a professional do the installation part. Wood flooring is a big investment and you do not want to diminish the aesthetic effect with a poor installation effort.

Regardless of the type or style of wood flooring that you select, you will want to protect it. This means doing some research on the right type of wood floor cleaner to use on your flooring. Be sure to get a cleaning product designed for WOOD floors. You will also want to select a good quality wood floor polish and invest in periodic cleaning and polishing of your wood floors in order to maximize their beauty and prolong their life over years of use.

And, of course, you will want to invest in rugs to cover strategic areas of your floors. As wood flooring has grown in popularity so has the use of area rugs. Area rugs offer a first line of protection against damage to your wood flooring, particularly in areas of high traffic. Wood floors can be refinished to eliminate scratches and dents but sanding and refinishing floors is messy and time-consuming and you will want to postpone those activities as long as possible.

Enter the area rug. Strategically placed rugs can minimize damage to wood flooring and can extend the period of time between floor refurbishments dramatically. Wood flooring is being used in every room in the home and area rugs are versatile enough to be similarly used. Rugs come in all sizes and shapes and so can complement your wood flooring whether it is in a bedroom, the kitchen, a bath, or a hallway.

While area rugs do a great job of protecting your investment in your wood flooring, they are also multi-purpose in that they also provide a room-decorating alternative in terms of color, texture, and accent. Rugs can brighten up a dark area with a contrasting color scheme. Large, unbroken areas of wood flooring can be “boring” and a rug will add interest to the area and minimize the sameness of the flooring square footage.

Area rugs do not require a professional interior decorator in the selection process nor do they need professional installation. There are a wide range of styles, sizes, and patterns to choose from. The average person can easily make a selection that will complement the wood flooring in place and the room décor while still protecting the budget. Area rugs, properly cared for, will add style and color and interest to your wood floorings for years to come.

Keep up with current Interior Decorating styles and enhance your home with red area rugs.

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The Uniqueness Of Area Rugs

Area rugs are a great way to emphasize portions of a room and add to the mood and ambience of the interior decoration by harmonizing colors and shapes. Ideally, the primary colors of the rug should complement the wall, furniture, and furnishing colors. The area rugs can be used to focus attention on another aspect of interior decoration or can be used as the center of attraction. Large, centrally placed medallion rugs garner maximum attention. Area rugs are available in a variety of materials, textures, and shapes.

Area rugs are an excellent combination of form and utility and beautifully crafted hand rugs are veritable works of art. Most handmade area rugs are made from fine quality wool that is capable of withstanding the rigors of heavy traffic and regular cleanings. High quality handmade area rugs may have a density of 750 knots per square inch and above.

Area rugs have evolved into unique shapes and designs all over the world. Oval braided rugs have history dating back to the colonial period in the U.S. They are popular even today and oval braided rugs in shades such as brown, blue, or green lend a rustic feel to a room. Area rugs can also have a luxurious lush pile in warm colors that accentuate a feeling of cozy comfort.

Area rugs require to be taken care of and if the rug is not too bulky, it can be taken to the cleaners who have the expertise of handling area rugs made from different materials. Care should be taken that furniture is not placed on the newly washed wet rugs otherwise the rugs will carry permanent marks. Spills should be diluted with water and brushed gently from outside to the center.

The cost of an area rug depends upon its manufacturing process and materials used. Handmade Persian and Oriental rugs can be expensive. Machine-manufactured rugs that are durable and can stand wear and tear are available for as low as fifty dollars; at the same time there are area rugs that can cost a few thousand dollars and are often used in mansions and hotel lobbies to complement the fine furniture in these places.

Wood floors and area rugs complement one another amazingly well; wood floors are elegant and easy to clean and area rugs offer a variety of options to accentuate the character of a room with wooden flooring and also act as a source of warmth for the feet on cold winter days. Area rugs fit in with the décor of every room and this adds to their appeal; they not only enliven a dull room but also help to reduce noise levels.

Area Rugs For Your Home

Jute Area Rugs

Although jute may best be known as what’s on the back of your rug, it is a great minimalist choice for accent and area rugs because it is a fiber that is easily dyed and woven or made into braided rugs that are not only delicate to the touch but durable because they are naturally stain resistant and good for homes where there are pets and young children.

Jute area rugs can best be cleaned by hand with a cloth or lightly shaken, and not subjected to steam cleaning or rough vacuuming. Just try not to get these area rugs wet. They absorb moisture quickly and can rot. This applies to all the area rugs that are left in their most natural states, even bamboo and sisal if untreated or unprotected. Jute rugs are biodegradable and made from a renewable resource.

Other Environmentally Friendly Area Rugs

Another way to be environmentally conscious while selecting a rug is to choose a vintage rug and therefore recycle something that might end up in a dump. There are lots of vintage braided rugs from the turn of the century and even some only 20 or 30 years old but have already acquired character. You needn’t buy a new rug to be contemporary!

When buying an antique or vintage rug you may have to consider a couple issues. Is it in good condition or will it need some restoration? One way to check is to look at the back. Is the backing lose? Does it have mildew or water stains? Are the edges of the vintage area rug frayed? Are their holes from rats’ nibbling along the edge or is the hole in the centre? Remember rug restoration is possible, but it can be expensive. Just calculate any restoration costs into what appears to be your cheap carpet find before you think you have too good a deal to pass up.

Visit Contemporary Wool Area Rugs to learn more about how to buy area rugs for your home.

Choosing Boys Area Rugs

Parents of a newborn often get caught up decorating their child’s room. It is an act that if started when the child is a baby, it will often continue until the child becomes a teenager. This typically stems from the parents’ need to be involved in their child’s life from the beginning and should be encouraged in all parents with children age ten and under as the right environment is crucial to your child’s development. However, while decorating the walls and furnishing their child’s room, many parents overlook the floor. Decorating the floor of your boy’s room with a boys area rug can be more helpful than you may realize.

The area rug you put in your boys room when he is a baby and very young toddler, less than three years old, is very important to both his safety and early education. A boys rug in a nursery that otherwise has hardwood or stone floors helps soften the area should a mishap occur. Children who are learning to walk will fall down every once and a while. An area rug will help cushion those falls as your child goes through the process of learning to walk. The first few things your child sees can be crucial to their cognitive development. Trains, airplanes, sports, fire trucks, jungle sceneries are often used to decorate a baby boys area rug.

Once your child is about four or five, it’s time to change their room’s area rug. This is the perfect age to allow your child to have a say in how their environment is decorated. This should be within reason, of course. More often than not, a child will pick rugs that are way out of the family’s price range. Try to use this time of picking out a boy’s area rug as a learning process about the family budget. Your little boy won’t get the majority of the lesson but it is a great time to start teaching him about finances. After all, he will be learning about money in a short time anyway when he is in school.

There are a number of different boy’s rug choices to choose from once your child is around age five. You could get anything from an educational rug to help your child learn a bit easier or a novelty rug with one of your child’s interest portrayed in bold colors. Boys area rugs are meant to provide traction and a softer area to play on while they are in their room. Make sure you get a rug made out of soft material that won’t cause your child to trip up or slip accidentally. After all boys will be boys.

The Muddy Rug offers a wide variety of educational area rugs, boys area rugs, area rugs for girls, play rugs, and even sports area rugs.  Our main concern is our customer.  We guarantee low prices, fast shipping, and high quality merchandise every time.

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Educational Area Rugs

Educators of all stations have been on the lookout for new, innovative ways to reach their children. Everyone learns differently. Some kids can learn just by being told, others have to see the material in order to understand it, and some must work with the subject at hand in order to get a firm grasp of the concepts being taught to them. Educational area rugs can assist in teaching kids that learn through all three of these means.

Educational area rugs help reinforce the concepts being taught to kids and allows you, the educator, to reach kids on a more visual and kinesthetic level. The auditory learner will learn better due to the educational rug because it will help him or her focus more. Simply having the kids sit on the rug instead of their normal desk areas can increase their attention span dramatically. Kids that would otherwise be looking out the window will be more focused on what is being said because they feel that the change in scenery conveys a level of importance.

The visual learner will be able to take advantage of educational rugs through two different means. The first is by looking at the rug itself. Most educational area rugs come with the material you will be teaching in class embroidered into the rug itself. This could be the alphabet, numbers, etc. The visual learner will be able to see the material at all times which will assist him or her in retaining the information. You can also use the rug to create visuals that will help your visual learners comprehend and grasp the material more easily as well.

Lastly, the rug will help your kinesthetic learners immensely. Educational area rugs can be touched and allow the kinesthetic learners to be able to feel the concepts at the very least. Even if it only allows them to touch ideal concepts such as the letters of the alphabet, it will help them much more than if all they could do was look at the letter on a board or piece of paper.

If you’re going to get an educational rug for your classroom or even just your home to help teach your own child, get a quality rug. Quality educational area rugs can last for decades and are more likely to last throughout your entire tenure as a teacher. While educational rugs are meant more for very young children, they can assist people of all ages. So if your child or students are having a hard time grasping the scholastic material they are being given, get an educational rug and watch their grades and understanding improve right before your eyes.

The Muddy Rug offers a wide variety of educational area rugs, area rugs for boys, area rugs for girls, play rugs, and even sports area rugs.  Our main concern is our customer.  We guarantee low prices, fast shipping, and high quality merchandise every time.

Me and My Area Rugs

If I sit and think about it I realize that I have more rugs in my home than anybody I have ever met. Every room in my house has got at least one, whether is a shag area rug or a spaghetti leather rug, they make my living comfortable and eliminate the need to buy a carpet.

Even the bathroom has a beautiful little yellow-beige shag area rug that it is a pleasure to step onto when I get out of the walk in shower. Of course there’s also a white shag rug where feet rest near the toilet but everyone has one of them, don’t they? Oh, and I nearly forgot, there’s also a small ‘something’ shaggy under the wash basin to keep my feet snug when washing my hands.

Although the bathroom is relatively small, I have managed to cover most of the floor with rugs, mostly shag because it’s the softest and coziest of all area rugs I can buy in the region (but I must say that Granada is a rug heaven).

My Shag-less Seaside Sisal

I also have a really big sisal rug near the entrance, but I keep it rolled up and take it to the seaside (I go to a beach about a half hour away to swim every other day) and the sisal mat is fantastic. I know people say it shouldn’t get wet, but mine has sand and seawater and salt in it and looks like new after a shake.

My Persian Rug (not shaggy either)

Is that all? Nope. I have a real antique masterpiece of an area rug. It’s not shag. It’s a Persian wool rug that came from Poland and has been in my husband’s family for a long time…It’s a really unique piece of rug because Warsaw was destroyed and there are almost no antiques, especially no antique wool area rugs that started their life in Persia, somehow got to Poland, survived the wars and has now found a home in Spain.

Visit my Shag Area Rugs website to find out more about Zebra shag rugs and all the other sorts of design that are available for your home.

Learn More Regarding Custom Area Rug

Would you like an area rug thats genuinely special? If thats the case then thinking about a customized location rug to your living room rest room kitchen area or eating room is a wonderful method to add a little of unforgettable style to your residence. Additionally it is best if you are looking for any design and style or pattern you cant locate in typical location rug shops.

Purchasing a custom region rug can be a really invigorating expertise. Fairly than settling using the variety at hand youll be able to be in manage of how your custom region rug seems. You may also locate a variety of cutting edge designs and shade combos that you simply are unlikely to find elsewhere.

When designing your custom region rug its important to help keep your all round decorative scheme in thoughts. Do you want your location rug to stand out or would you rather it match the colours and patterns in the area specifically as a result coordinating the colors of your walls floors and furniture? Understanding the solutions to these concerns ahead of time will help enormously.

Among the entertaining things about ordering a place rug is that youll be able to do over just select the shade and pattern. Youll be able to also determine whether or not or to not consist of tassels or borders too. Understanding this its easy to determine why creating a customized region rug is really a whole lot like turning your area into your own work of artwork.

Of course you will find other points to consider when purchasing a location rug besides aesthetics. When considering a location rug its usually essential to think of the material too. Up to you may desire a silk customized region rug that type of material may possibly be as well delicate to incorporate in higher site visitors areas such as your lounge or hallway.

Its also crucial to keep in mind your furniture. Arranging furnishings about a rectangular location rug isnt extremely difficult as you can simply line up your sofas and chairs using the border. Occasionally nevertheless attempting to figure out in which to place a circular region rug could be a bit trickier particularly if its specifically big. Measuring your space beforehand will also prevent you from acquiring a location rug that is too little or as well large.

Within the long run acquiring a location rug saves you lots of money and time also. As opposed to carpeting you dont must be concerned about installing them. Additionally theyre much simpler to scrub and store as well. Discover much more these days about how a customized location rug can benefit you.

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Decorating A Family Room With Area Rugs

If you think that you can only use area rugs in rooms that have hardwood floors, think again. In reality, these versatile rugs can be used just about anywhere – even in carpeted rooms. Rugs add depth and dimension to an interior design scheme, allowing you to create a customized look with ease. Deciding to use rugs is easy; figuring out precisely how to arrange them is a bit trickier. In this article, we’ll take a look at a few tried-and-true tips for using area rugs in a family room or living room.

Always Use Rug Pads
Rug pads keep area rugs in place while keeping wear and tear to an absolute minimum. Many people are under the impression that pads are only needed in rooms that have hardwood floors; that is not true at all. In fact, rug pads can – and should – be used in carpeted and tiled rooms, as well. Every time pressure is applied to an area rug, as in a footstep, friction occurs between the rug and the floor. Over time, that friction can wear through the bottom of a rug. A quality pad absorbs a lot of that pressure; in turn, friction is reduced and wear and tear is prevented.

Measure the Room
Whether you’re planning to use large rugs or small ones, you should always carefully measure a room before moving ahead with your plans. Measure the overall dimensions of the room first. If you’re going to use small rugs to accent a corner of a large room, measure that corner as well. Different measurements will be needed for things like runners, too, since they need to be arranged in narrow spaces. Keep in mind that you should always allow at least five to eight inches of floor space to show around each edge of a rug to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look.

First, Do a Test Run
Nothing is more aggravating than investing in an area rug, only to discover that it doesn’t fit into your living room like you thought it would. Even if you’re meticulous with your measurements, a rug can look a lot different than you’d envisioned when it’s actually laid down on your family room floor. Instead of wasting a lot of time and money, cut out squares of various sizes from a tarp. Arrange them in your family room to see which sizes work the best. When you’re finished, you’ll know the exact measurements of your ideal area rug.

Basic Ideas for Using Area Rugs
The following suggestions should spark some great ideas for decorating a living room or family room with rugs. Keep them in mind as you make your plans in order to achieve the most stylish and attractive results possible.

Coffee Tables – Rugs look great beneath coffee tables. In this case, size is extremely important. A too-small rug will be swallowed up by the coffee table and will fade away into the background; a too-large rug will overpower the coffee table and look awkward. Try to choose a rug that mimics the shape of the coffee table; for instance, choose a rectangular rug for a rectangular table. The edges of the rug should extend out at least eight inches from the feet of the coffee table. This will produce the most eye-catching results.

Sitting Areas – If you’re decorating a large room, you can use an area rug to define a sitting area. Lay down the rug and arrange the sofas and chairs around it. In effect, it will look like a “mini-room” within the larger living room or family room. For added style, select a rug that contrasts nicely with the flooring and furniture.

Sofas and Chairs – When arranging furniture around an area rug, it’s usually best to have the front legs on the rug and the back ones off of it. This produces the most visually stunning effect. Always use furniture pads on the bottoms of your furniture so that it doesn’t wear holes in your rugs – or scrape up your floors. Remember, too, that you can always rearrange your rugs and your furniture from time to time, which is a great way to keep your interior design scheme looking fresh and new.

Whether you opt for one large rug or for an eclectic array of smaller area rugs, you’re sure to love the stylish visual effects that they bring to your living room or family room.

Charly Dimatoni writes about different home renovation tips and the latest on area rugs for design, out of St. Louis, MO. Always looking for the best bargain on renovation materials, she tends to end up shopping at http://www.flooringamerica.com more often than not.

Area Rugs for Girls

There are several reasons why it is a good idea to buy area rugs for girls when decorating your daughter’s room. Rugs are both a practical and a decorative element. They are a safety feature in that they provide traction for better footing and they are also a design feature in that they fit into the overall theme of the room.

Area rugs for girls help to define space within the room. Because area rugs are warm and plush, they provide a floor space that is more comfortable for the child than just sitting and playing on the plain floor. Girls rugs also visually define the play area within her room.

Another practical matter to think of when choosing an area rug is cleaning. Your daughter can study, read, play, or eat snacks, all in a clearly defined area of the room. It is much easier to gather up toys, vacuum up crumbs, and clear up spills when they are contained in some way. Having an area rug makes the play area easy to clean up. For ease of maintenance girls rugs that can be machine washed will always be time savers.

If yours is a highly sensitive child, you may find that bedtime is easier if you keep the bed as a place mainly for relaxation and sleeping. By having bed just for naps and overnight, and the rug play area for other activities, active and restful activities are clearly marked out. Many parents find this helps the child settle down for the night.

As a decorative element, area rugs for girls are just fun. Your daughter probably has a theme to her room, based on a favorite character or activity. An area rug can be a central part of the theme. For instance if her theme is sea animals you can get an area rug depicting dolphins or whales.

Another possibility is to express the theme in other items in the room, such as the bedspread, and have the area rug be a coordinating color or pattern. If she has a theme based on a favorite cartoon character you can get her an area rug in a matching color. And please don’t limit yourself to pink as a color for a girls rug. Think of purple, sun yellow, bright lime green, or whatever fits in with her favorite movie or cartoon character.

You can find area rugs for girls that fit into almost any theme or interest your daughter has. Maybe your daughter has reached the age where she is turning into a real individualist. If you find you have a baby Goth in the house, go ahead and have some fun with it. An area rug in some kind of a far-out pattern is an easy and inexpensive way to let her explore different ways of looking at the world.

The main thing to keep in mind when shopping for girls rugs rug is safety. The rug should have a sturdy backing and be made of nontoxic and non-flammable materials. Avoid very low quality rugs. The backing will deteriorate and flake off and cheap fibers will shed.


The Muddy Rug offers a wide variety of educational area rugs, area rugs for boys, area rugs for girls, play rugs, and even sports area rugs.  Our main concern is our customer.  We guarantee low prices, fast shipping, and high quality merchandise every time.

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Designer Area Rugs

Conventional rugs, even the antique ones, can be really ordinary and boring. If you have a personality that’s individualistic and unique, you might want to consider designer area rugs among your possible choices. If you’ve had enough of looking at the same old designs, then designer rugs are just for you. Created by some of the most innovative, imaginative and creative designers, designer area rugs are not only flexible and colorful but also durable enough to remain in your possession for years to come.

Elegant Covering Solutions for Floors

Designer area rugs are blossoming now a days and can compliment all kinds of floors, living spaces and add a touch of luxury and class. Unlike routine ready made rugs, designer rugs grace the floors they cover and draw a person’s attention to their sumptuous appearance and radiant colors.

Modern designer rugs can give a fillip to any room. Designer rugs are designed in the offices of the best fashion designers in the industry, they are a simple and economical method to add a designer touch to your living spaces.

Designer area rugs are often referred to as artwork for the floors. Different people may want to purchase designer rugs for different purposes. Some may want to add color to the room and compliment the room’s décor while others may want something that keeps their feet warm. Whatever your reason and purpose is, you can choose man made or hand crafted designer rugs made from materials such as silk, wool or man made fibers.

Mix and Match

With contemporary designer rugs, you can try mixing and matching different design elements to create the effect you are looking for. Modern designer rugs have simple designs so they are easy on the pocket when compared to some of the other rugs. Of course, the cost depends on the materials used and the kind of weaving that went into creating the designer rug.

Traditional rugs may not necessarily blend in with the style of the rooms but designer rugs are the perfect choice to give rooms a more modern and contemporary feel. With designer rugs, your rooms can effectively balance elements of tradition and modernity.

Where to Buy

There are many options when it comes to buying designer rugs. With the internet, you can browse through hundreds of web stores that sell modern rugs. You will find a stupendous variety of rugs in all kinds of sizes, shapes and designs.

Designer area rugs may cost a bit more than those made by unknown designers but they are definitely worth their cost. They have the guarantee of being produced by leading fashion labels and are usually of a very high quality.

With designer area rugs, you are sure to add an air of exclusivity to your surroundings. Go ahead and indulge yourself now!

Symond Adams has run successful business of carpets and rugs and has written many articles on custom, contemporary and southwestern rugs.

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