What to look for when purchasing leather from handbag leather suppliers

What to look for when purchasing leather from handbag leather suppliers What to look for when purchasing leather from handbag leather suppliersOne thing most women can’t go without is their handbag. Whether it’s a tote, hobo, or even a smaller bag like their clutch; and of course if you are an  LA or NY girl you must have the latest handbag of the season. This is why it is important for handbag designers to know what to look for when purchasing leather from Los Angeles and New York leather suppliers.

Handbag Leather suppliers should have a wide selection of different weights, colors, and textures. If the designer is making a tote or a hobo handbag the best type of hide to purchase from United Leather is cow. Cow hides tend to be very durable and the hides are much larger, so the designer will be able to create more bags just out of one skin. If you are looking for specifics on what type of leather to get then Mississippi, Victoria, Monte Carlo, and Atlas are great to start with.

Adding novelty leathers can make your handbag trendy and fun. Laser cut, perforated and embossed leathers are trending at the moment. United Leather has a great selection of novelties and we just added about 50 more laser cuts! Also can’t forget about our Kobra (lamb) and Sting Ray these two are beautiful articles that can also make your handbags fun, trendy, and fashion forward. So remember handbag designers make sure your Los Angeles and/or New York leather suppliers are up to trend and also have a wide selection of leathers.

Easy Tips: Get More for Your Money When Purchasing Leather

The More You Buy The More You Save: If you just buy one skin the price per square foot will be much higher vs. buying a bundle. Basically the more you buy the lower the price gets per square foot.
Prior to Purchasing Leather Measure Your Patterns: Assess how much leather you will be using that way you don’t buy too much and have excess, or not buy enough and then having to go back and purchase a few more skins and paying a higher price.
Look for Larger Hides: Cow hides are much larger than lamb. They also cost less and come in different weights, and qualities. If you do decide to go with lamb look through the bundles and make sure that the surface area on the skins are large enough for your design(s).

United Leather – Your Suede Supplier in New York

While leather is made from the top layer of skin, suede is made from the inside layer of skin. This results in both a different look and feel to suede, which is softer in both look and texture, making suede an ideal choice for clothing manufacturers around the world.

For many years, suede has been used mostly as the fabric of choice for the manufacturers of women’s gloves. However, over time, suede has been incorporated in other areas of fashion as well, including purses, shoes, and even upholstery. Manufacturers who want quality suede purchase it from a suede supplier. One of the best suede suppliers in New York is United Leather.

Mark McNairy - Blue Suede shoes

Mark McNairy – Blue Suede shoes

United Leather has operated for almost thirty years, providing the best quality leather and suede hides in the industry. United Leather is one of the largest suede suppliers in the world, offering both pig and calf suede to its customers. With offices around the world in Italy, Uruguay and the United States, United Leather ships directly to customers in such far away, exotic places like China, India and Brazil.

United Leather, as both a leather and suede wholesale supplier, is a one-stop shop for many clothing, fashion and furniture designers. United Leather is a direct source for purchasing leather and suede, which cuts out the cost and interference of a middle man. United Leather can also accommodate bulk orders of either leather or suede, which in turn guarantees you won’t have to stop or slow production because you don’t have the materials on hand that you need to continue.

As the number one suede supplier in New York, United Leather has the supply to meet whatever demand you have. Visit www.unitedleather.com to learn more about the many types of suede and leather United Leather has available. With a stellar reputation, United Leather is your New York suede supplier.

United Leather's  Calf Suede -Honey

United Leather’s Calf Suede -Honey

Navigating the Leather Hide Prices in New York

As one of the largest, most metropolitan cities in the world, New York is also an expensive place to live and shop. No matter what kind of products you are interested in purchasing, price tags are often a lot higher in New York than anywhere else. Leather hide prices are no exception. As a luxurious fabric, leather hide prices can really be costly if you don’t choose the right supplier. In New York, the top leather supplier is United Leather.


United Leather

United Leather Warehouse

United Leather is a leather supplier with offices in both New York and Los Angeles, who provides direct access to leather hides at wholesale prices. No other leather wholesale supplier in New York produces superior leather hides at prices you can afford without sacrificing the quality of the product. Plus, if you need to place large orders of leather hides in New York, United Leather can accommodate your needs like no other leather wholesale supplier in the industry. United Leather processes more than 2,000 cow hides daily, so no order is too large for a quick turn-around from United Leather. Plus, United Leather operates one of the only lamb finishing plants in South America.

United Leather makes navigating leather hide prices in New York easier than ever before. In addition to easy access, United Leather also direct-ships leather hides all over the world with no minimum purchase. To learn more about United Leather and its twenty-seven year history as the leading premier leather wholesale supplier in New York, visit www.unitedleather.com. Online, you can also view the different type of leather hides available from United Leather. From domestic leather hides like cow and lamb hides to exotic hides like snakeskin and crocodile, United Leather has it all. Don’t let the price tags you see in New York keep you from buying the quality leather hides you need. Choose United Leather for the best prices, the best products and the easiest way to get leather hides in New York.

     Why hair on hide leather is an interior design upholstery trend

Furry furniture is all the buzz this year, In  the past hair-on hide was a fancier floor garnish and burdened with being stepped on. Just a few years ago, hair on hide was obsessively used as rugs. Now hair on hide is making a come back and moving on up in the interior design world as fine leather upholstery.

Devon hair-on hide chair -RestorationHardware.com



Hair-on hide is such a popular design trend due to its bold textures and eye catching prints. Its also a very versatile material for a leather upholstery craftsman. It can be used to design a door frame, stools, benches, and pretty much anything that can be upholstered. Hair-on hide is the perfect material to use to make any room appear cozy and at the same time prominent.

United Leather’s hair-on hides are available in natural dyes, in multiple color dyes as well as animal print design finishes from the safari animals to geometric designs and your basic cowhide spots. Every single hide is truly one of a kind, since hair-on hides goes through minimal processing, which makes each hide unique and natural.  Next time you shop for hair on hide, think outside of the rug box and be inspired to create hair-on hide upholstered couches, cushions, ottomans, headboards and pillows.

Click on the link below to play a video of United Leather’s hair-on hide samples.

hair-on hide

The benefits of a leather sample swatch

Leather characteristics vary from hide to hide. To get a better vision for your final leather product it is beneficial to see and feel the leather in person. We did our best to display the leather hides on our website, but not all computer monitors are created equal.  The best way to find the leather your’re looking for, is to purchase a sample swatch.

reclaimed leather earings



A leather sample swatch will help you greatly in your decision making. When you purchase a sample swatch, you get to feel the flexibility, softness and thickness of the leather, which you wouldn’t get just by looking at the pictures online. Another benefit of sample swatches, is if you can’t decide between a couple colors, you can use the samples and put it next to the other material that you might be using for your product to compare which color complements it best. United Leather’s swatches are about 2″ x 3″, if you collect a handful of leather swatch samples, you can re purpose them and create leather crafts and accessories, such as floral pins, wallets, and leather jewelry.

United Leather’s sample swatches are made using an industrial heat press. You can play the video to watch the process. The individual sample swatches are two dollars a piece and the complete sample swatch color rings are fifteen dollars.  Call us or order online to purchase your leather sample swatches.


Click on the links below to watch how sample leather swatches are made!

heat press leather sample cutter

swatch sample ring collection



The history of the iconic black leather jacket

Have you ever wondered the history of the iconic leather jacket?! Well, look no further than this great piece that SoulRevolver.com has briefly introduced where the leather jacket started its cool and badass roots. The article sums up how black leather became so popular, due to the fact hollywood movies portrayed rebels and cool kids in black leather jackets!MCDGREA EC006

Below is the excerpt and you can read further by clicking on the link.

A Brief History of Leather Jackets

There is no doubt that the leather jacket is a cultural icon, but where did it start? Well, unfortunately the answer to that is not as clear as you would expect and tracing its history can be as confusing as it is frustrating…

Some people claim that leather jackets were invented for aviators to wear on bombing raids in world war two; others say that they were around before then because they were popular with the Russian Bolsheviks and were worn by the commissars during the Russian civil war. The real truth is, simple forms of leather jackets have been around for centuries, ever since humans worked out how to strip and tan the hide from the animals they had hunted for food.

Whatever the history of the leather jacket is there is no doubt that, in many different forms and guises, it is probably one of the most iconic pieces of clothing in popular culture and can mean so many different images.

Follow the link to read more..


Different Leather Finishes: Pigment vs. Aniline

When buying leather, it’s always useful to know what will work best for a particular project. The finish of the leather will have a big impact on the final look and purpose of the product.  Below is a brief description of the two leather finishes most commonly applied by leather manufacturers.

Pigment Leather

Pigment Leather

Pigmented Leather also known as Corrected Grain or Finished Leather goes through a lengthy process. It is first submersed in an aniline dye solution which preps the leather.  In order to create a uniform and durable leather, the Pigmented Leather is heavily sanded, buffed, and finally sprayed with pigment. This process is the reason why it is called ‘Corrected Leather’, the goal of the process is to make the leather look smooth and remove any natural markings from the hides such as branding scars, bug bites, gashes/scratches that might have been on the cow’s skin. The final appearance of the leather finish is dull and waxy.

The benefits of Pigmented leather (Corrected Grain Leather) are it is much more durable than Aniline leather and it doesn’t fade.  The many common uses for it include: varsity jackets, children’s furniture, upholstery and car interior upholstery.



Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather

Aniline Leather or Unfinished Leather is the most natural and least processed leather. Just about 5% of cowhides are considered good enough to not go through the sanding and buffing process that Pigmented leather goes through, this makes Aniline Leather a superior leather. The only process that Aniline leather goes through is an aniline dye solution, which helps highlight the natural beauty. Aniline leather is never sanded which keeps the natural cowhide feel and grain.

The benefits of Aniline leather (Unfinished Leather) are, it is the most natural leather on the market. The leather feels more fluid, malleable, and soft. The most popular practices for Aniline Leather are for handbags, garments, and furniture. United Leathers Monte Carlo is Aniline Leather.

Next time you are shopping for leather refer back to this article to help you determine what leather finish is best suited for your leather project.

Hair Sheep vs Wool Sheep

eweslg.0135959Hair Sheep vs Wool Sheep

Hair Sheep

Hair Sheep leather characteristics

The difference between Hair Sheep and Wool Sheep are the deciding factors for what type of leather they will produce. In this brief description, we will analyze the differences between these two breeds of livestock. shaun-the-sheep-for-android-free_1465452

Hair Sheep

Hair Sheep originated from countries in the Mid East, Northern Africa and Morocco. Their origin plays an important role in their body’s fat content, hair follicles, and weight. Hair Sheep tend to be larger than their Wool Sheep counterparts. They have more hair fibers than wool sheep, and do not require shearing because their hair sheds naturally. Hair sheep also have much smaller hair cells than wool sheep. However, they are much larger than wool sheep. The only fat on their body is located at the top rear area of their backs.

Wool Sheep

Wool sheep are the other side of the coin for leather producers. This sheep species originated from England and New Zealand, and are smaller in size than hair sheep. Although they are smaller in height and length, they have much more fat on their bodies than other sheep.

Wool Sheep leather characteristics

Wool Sheep leather characteristics