Hiding an Oversized Tummy

It comes as no surprise that obesity is characterized with a big tummy, with the exception of pregnant women. Some of the most hardworking men and women in the world—those who sweat a lot to shape their bellies—are among them. Months of rigorous warm-ups and calisthenics, along with cutting back on temptations like chips and chocolates, produce satisfactory results. But for reasons unexplained, the contour or outline of a big tummy is still evident.

A tummy tuck can solve that contour issue. This form of cosmetic surgery rids the abdomen of excess fat to make it look firm. The result is a firm abdomen proportionate with the rest of the body. Patients that have had undergone a successful tummy tuck could slip in apparel a few sizes smaller. The said procedure is ideal for people with displaced skin after a significant weight loss or pregnancy.

A full tummy tuck operation could take up to five hours. Surgeons carefully incise areas in the abdomen where the excess fat would be taken out. Although the procedure seems painful, surgeons administer anesthetic drugs prior to the incision. The recovery period of the patient varies but mostly in few weeks’ time.

Tummy tuck tampa, a form of liposuction, is also as widely used as facelift. Celebrities desire a proportionate body as much as wanting a pleasing look. Surgeons take into account factors like health risks in advising the procedure to their patients. Just as implants and facelifts have immediate hazards to the body, the same can be said for liposuction.

Surgeons do not advise tummy tuck new tampa to people who plan on continuing with their weight loss program or conceiving another child. They also do not advise the procedure to people who have health conditions that can be complicated by means of surgery. This is crucial as incision of the abdomen means that the procedure is next to the stomach, a vital organ.

Cosmetic surgery and physical health do not always go hand in hand. They differ in advantages and disadvantages. The decision to undergo a tummy tuck tampa must be a mutual consent between doctor and patient.

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