Look No Further Than Beefeaters Natural Dog Treats For Wholesome, Sensible Snacks

Striking the balance between quality nutrition and good taste is the ultimate priority of every dog owner. Beefeaters natural dog treats provides treats made with superior quality ingredients that dogs love. Natural dog treats are sensible snacks, if your priority is wholesome goodness. They: 

• are made with only natural ingredients 
• are oven-baked to seal in flavor 
• have no artificial colors or flavors
• have no additives or preservatives
• address the dog’s natural instinct to chew
When buying dog treats, first look at the list of ingredients. You will see that Beefeaters natural dog treats feature the following ingredients: 
• Beef
• Lamb
• Chicken
• Sweet Potato 
• 100% natural rawhide or pig hide
There are dozens of Beefeaters natural dog treats to choose from. We offer this wide range of textures, shapes, sizes and hardness to address individual pet preferences, sizes and life stage. 
The Benefits of Beefeaters Natural Dog Treats 
Natural dog treats are high in protein, low in fat. Protein plays a key role in growth and repair in the muscles, ligaments and hair. All Beefeaters treats are all natural, and contain no fillers, artificial colors or flavors.
Beefeaters Nature’s One Biscuits and Meatballs 
Nature’s One novelty treats are developed to delight your pet. The low fat, high protein biscuits come wrapped in either chicken or bacon. For a naturally sweet snack, try chicken or bacon wrapped around sweet potato.
Nature’s One Meatballs are perfectly sized for training treats. Dogs love these bite-size treats that come in three great flavors: 
• Chicken with oats
• Pork with green beans
• Beef with barley
No dog can resist the taste of Nature’s One natural dog treats.
Freeze Dried Snacks
Nothing is more natural than freeze dried snacks. All moisture has been removed during the drying process. Freeze dried snacks contain no preservatives or additives and dogs love the rich, concentrated natural colors, flavors and aromas. Freeze dried snacks come in four tempting flavors:
• Chicken Breast
• Chicken Liver
• Beef Liver
• Lamb Liver
Beefeaters Wholesome and Healthy Snacks
Beefeaters sells natural dog treats at popular retailers and pet stores in North America. For a catalogue of products visit Beefeaters online, Beefeaters.


Beefeaters provides a full range of rawhide treats for dogs. Check out our compressed beefhide, pork hide, pigs ears and Natural Parts. All are oven baked to seal in flavor. You will never find additives, preservatives or fillers in a Beefeaters treat. To review the full product line, visit www.Beefeaters.com.

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