Introducing Faster Building Plan Clearance By KMC








May take only a week to sanction building plans for middle-class homes of Kolkata Municipal Corporation (KMC) has its way. The civic body is planning to introduce a single window system for plan clearance of small residential property in Kolkata after being pulled up by the chief minister over pending applications.

An online system for tracking the status of residential building plans is already in place and submission of applications will soon become an online process the plan is duly signed by authorized architect.

Online sanction of residential building plans is an ambitious project for KMC building department. KMC building department may start this scheme for small dwelling residential property of Kolkata . As said by the senior KMC official the sanctioning of plans for high rise is a complicated matter and may take time.

Before introducing the online system, KMC now allow the applicants to go through the exact status of their residential building plans online. Mayor Sovan Chatterjee has appointed Mr. Anindya Karforma the chief architect and town planner of KMC’s – as the new director general (buildings) to speed up sanction of building plans.

Taking the charge on March 2nd Mr. Karforma convened a meeting of all executive engineers the very next day and directed them to clear all applications for plan sanctions in case of small residential units. The executive engineers have been asked to accelerate the process of clearing files for small residential property. The possible solution to this problem is the owner of the land has to come to the KMC building department to pursue the case.

On the contrary, the sanction could be delayed since registered architects seldom approach them to solve the problem. They have to suggest some changes in the plan which the architects have to pass on the owner. That’s not it but the civic authorities are planning to open a single window system for sanctioning plans for middle class homes.

Said by KMC building department official – Planning to introduce a single window system for those who approach for sanctioning plans for small residential units. Applicants can produce clean papers relating to land deed and a proper building plan duly signed by an architect registered with KMC it may take a week to sanction the application so that construction can start without delay.

Hundreds of applications for building plan sanctions were lying with it for last couple of years as said by KMC building department sources. Mayor-in-council, Mr. Tarak Singh admitted that files were piling up and we have to relieve citizens from such harassment. Said by Mr. Singh the senior civic officials need to clear these files at the regular intervals.

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There Are Many Types of Cowhide Rugs


People may not realize how many different types of cowhide rugs are available. While the types that are somewhat animal-shaped have been enduring classics on the décor scene, there are also a variety of other types available.


These products came into being because ranchers and others who raised animals for meat didn’t want to throw away anything that they could use. Some hides were tanned to create shoes, belts, bags and other items that people could wear or use to carry other items in. These products usually had the hair removed for practical reasons such as not to pick up mud when they were used for shoes or boots. Other products had the hair left on. These were used to cover furniture in some cases or to create items like handbags. People sometimes made jackets from these types.


Stores that offer cowhide rugs for sale offer them in a variety of ways. The ones that have the basic animal shape with legs and neck areas are popular with many people. These types can often be found in front of a fireplace or in a den. People in many rural areas of the country who have a ranch house or farmhouse like this style because it is a natural pairing with most primitive or country-style furnishings.


Other types include round ones that feature a compass rose design. These can be found in many sizes and color choices. It is not uncommon to find whites, creams, grays, browns and blacks all in one rug. Some people will want ones that focus only on a few colors like cream and gray or brown and beige. These types are only one of the many patchwork cowhide rugs that are available. There are also ones that resemble the traditional squares of quilts.


The pattern and color that is found on these will vary depending on what breed of cattle it comes from. There are some types that feature irregular blotches and spots of color, such as black on white. Some breeds have a brindle pattern which is usually a mix of browns and grays or blacks in a thin, irregular stripe. Some hides such as those that come from Brahma cattle are basically one color such as gray but with a different level of color density.


People can also find ones that have been stenciled with other patterns. Those who like the African safari look may want to look for ones that are patterned after the animals on other continents. Some of the most popular of these types of cowhide rugs are the classic black and white stripes of zebras or the eye-catching dots of the leopard.

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