Types of Cowhide for Women Leather Jackets

The most important of the entire animal hide used in manufacturing leather product is cow hide. It also depends upon the coloring and tanning of the product for various types of leather is produce.

Tanning process is one of the lengthy processes as it requires various steps. First the hide must be soaked, so that it get soften and to remove the hair. After that it is different types of leather which depend upon thickness of the hide, scars or brands and size.

The word tanning has its origins from the word tannins in vegetables, it is an original method of coloring the hide. As leather is supple is then soaked in water to become stiff and loses its shape

Method of using chromium salt and chromium sulfate was invented in the year 1858. By using this process leather would be much more supple and pliable and was easier to dye as it was blue in color than brown, and it preserve its quality.

Types of Leather

Full-Grain leather is not split as compare to other leather, not even sanded or brushed to clear imperfection. Due to which it get retained which give it durability, breathability and strength. As a time pass it develops patina, because of which it is used for making shoes or furniture.

Top- grain cowhide is produced only for making leather jacket; it’s thinner and more pliable. It goes under various treatments to make it more durable leather. It’s a perfect choice for biker jacket or racer jacket. Women leather jacket can last for long time if taken care from good cleaning agent.

Naked leather is created from higher grade hides with fewer blemishes due to which it is more expensive. It is smooth on one side and nappy rough on other and it is consider as natural leather. To make this leather breathe it is treated with aniline to make it porous. Which make it cooler even in hot weather? As it is soft and natural it is the best choice for women leather jacket.

Corrected grain leather is made by adding artificial grains to its surface. It is made out of low quality leather

Split leather is a leftover of full grain leather. Usually it is use to make suede leather.

As women leather jacket are design using all this types of material top grain leather is the first choice of every women. It makes them look astonishingly smart and sexy. It’s a perfect for every women wardrobe.

Jhon Mithwa is a fashion designer at LeatherNXG. Being a fashion profession i understands the nuances of fashion industry like a pro, as my interests have always laid in fashion and shopping. Leather apparels like leather jackets, blazers and bombers are her forte and hence, i joined this industry for taking places. Coupled with impeccable knowledge of leather, The passion for writing has got me online to serve people who wish to know more and more about this adventurous material.

Los Angeles Pest Control

Unfortunately, it is a fact of life that there are pests all around us, every time looking for new places to hide and new things to chew on. These types of infestations mean that it is time to seek professional Los Angeles pest control. LA is especially prone to pest issues as it is a built up area that encases many of the types of environments that these pests find attractive such as rivers and sewers and above all, abandoned buildings. Los Angeles is a large area and there are many professional pest controllers. These professionals will reach you quickly and can deal with your issue swiftly.

Pest controllers can be found on the internet by doing a simple search for pest controllers Los Angeles, and this will give you the immediate names of local controllers in your area. You can also ask to your family and friends, restaurant owners and local shop owners and they can also suggest you a pest controller which they have experienced working with. They will able to guide you about the right choice when it comes to choosing a right pest controller for you and you will able to choose such a service provide that will come out quickly and dispense of your vermin problem rapidly and efficiently.

These companies may have to deal with large and small, regardless of what your specific problem is parasites. They deal with all the majorly shared some domestic pests such as rats and mice, ants and fleas. If these parasites are a strong point in your home, they can be difficult to eradicate, making it necessary to telephone professionals. Los Angeles can be very problematic area, and from the top of the controller of pests on your side, is a good ally to have.

If you find that your home or office pest problem, you should seek help from a professional pest control company.

Most of these companies will be willing and able to come to your rescue with the first phone call. When you call them the problem, they will be able to determine the type of pest you have, be able to recommend the best treatment options, and tell you what to do to avoid infection of the same in the future. Controlling pests in your home is a joint venture between you and pest control. They will give you a quote ahead so you’ll know that you need to budget in advance. If for any reason that your pest problem is not identifiable on the phone, they will do at home to do a survey of your premises.

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Bugs or Us specializes in getting rid of the creepy, crawling, unwanted pests that cause devastating damage to homes and businesses, and that can even be bad for your health. Its pest control Los Angeles professionals and Los Angeles exterminators use environmentally friendly insecticides that are applied in accordance with EPA and state guidelines. Visit BugsOrUs1.com to find top Lakewood pest control services.

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Los Angeles Tourism

Los Angeles is one of the famous and one of the populated city in the world. It ranks 16th place in world largest city. According to US 2010 census its population is 8,175,133 and it’s area 790 square kilometre. Los Angeles is one of the famous city around the globe whoever visit’s USA majority of people do visit this city. This city is also famous for tourism and it is also the biggest industry in Los Angeles City. Tourism is a big industry in Los Angeles. An official advertising and marketing company for Los Angeles NYC & Company states that top visitors from around the globe in 2005 were 1,169,000 from UK, 815,000 from Canada, 401,000 from Germany, 299,000 from Japan, 292,000 from Italy, 268,000 from France, 253,000 from Ireland, 235,000 from Australia, 205,000 from Spain, 148,000 from Greece and 147,000 from Netherland.

Los Angeles houses many places to visit within the city many tourists come to Los Angeles specially to see its beauty and various places. There are many places people visit in this city one of the notable and famous site is the statue of liberty. The Statue of Liberty which is one of the seven wonders in the world and it is a gift from people of France to people of United States. It was designed by Frederic Bartholdi in 28, October 1886. Many tourist come to Los Angeles to see this statue. There is another place that tourist usually visit that is Times Square which is a big commercial intersection and also a big commercial district in Manhattan in Los Angeles. Time Square isn’t its original name as it was renamed to Times Square in April 1904 before that it was known as Long acre Square. The Times square was basically renamed because Los Angeles Times a famous newspaper in US headquarters were shifted here therefore in April 1904 its name was changed from Long acre Square to Times Square.

Another Famous building that tourist come to see is Empire State Building which is 102 storey tall sky scraper and it is an Icon in America. It was made in 1931 and was world’s largest building for 40 years until World Trade Center North tower was made in year 1972. The building was named American Society of Civil Engineers. Chrysler Building is also one the famous building that tourist are attracted to. The building was completed in 1930 and it is one of the world’s largest buildings. It was the head quarters for Car manufacturing company Chrysler from 1930 to middle of 1950’s. The building is considered to be one of the best in Architecture. There are not only these buildings or places that tourist go there are many other places as well such as Los Angeles City Fire Museum, Battery Park, Central park, Grand Army Plaza, Lincon Center for performing Arts, Prospect Park , Yankee stadium, Washington Square Park, Citi Field, Trinity Church, Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, Los Angeles Public Library, Seagram Building , Wool Worth building , Metlife Building, The Paley Center For Media, Ground Zero ( World Trade Center After destruction) and many more.


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Supply Chain Consultants

Using supply chain consultants as advisors on strategic cost reduction and how to create competitive advantage is becoming a requirement rather than a nice-to-have intervention. Most successful companies have tackled making savings in conventional ways such as achieving economies of scale, leveraging their purchasing and making obvious process improvements but they are finding that this is not enough.

Supply chains are becoming more complex all the time as the global business environment is constantly changing. To stay competitive firms need to move fast to keep ahead and innovative companies are looking deep into their supply chain structures, relationships and workflows to find long-term cost reduction solutions. For this they need help.

So here are some of the potential areas supply chain consultants can demonstrate added value:

Technology Enablement
People alignment
Minimising risk
Sustainability and green issues
Supply Chain Integration

Using the right technologies
Technology is an enabler, not an end in itself. Advances in I.T software can provide solutions to problems that were previously too challenging for non-experts to tackle such as planning and demand management through to execution and asset management.

Supply chain experts and consultants use statistical and analytical tools applying the relevant technology to develop workable solutions. One aim is to integrate various disparate supply chain functions by streamlining the processes. An example of the successful application of technology to warehousing, inventory and logistics is the use of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID), a data collection technology that uses electronic tags for storing data. It can also be used to track humans!

Many supply chain consultants have alliance partnerships with leading vendors of I.T solutions and ERP systems and some specialize by industry sector. Clients rely on their ERP partners for supply chain advice and require them to develop customized solutions.

Using the right tools
However, sometimes clients need their supply chain consultants to provide informed and impartial advice. Consultants need to devise supply chain strategies based on an organization’s operations, resources, and other capabilities and not design solutions around the available technologies.

Analytical tools such as Six Sigma can detect defective processes and implement remedies that can reduce costs and provide efficiencies. Lean manufacturing techniques aim to eliminate waste and deliver better “value” for customers. The best consultants have qualifications and experience in using these tools and can provide quick results without major upheavals to the business.

Choosing the right supply chain consultants depends on the industry you are in, the technology you use and your appetite for continuous improvement in the supply chain.

Supply chain consultants in Belgium, Clear Vantage, offers supply chain, purchasing and procurement consulting solutions and trainings to secure best cost of ownership

Enhance Your Home With Cowhide Rugs

Cowhide rugs have been used in interior design for many years and there are many wonderful traditional and modern designs to choose from. The main benefit of cowhide rugs is that they are both soft and hardwearing. This means that as well as adding a touch of natural elegance to your room they also feel very cosy and welcoming. Because cowhide rugs are a natural product no two designs are exactly the same and this creates a charming uniqueness that can compliment most interior design schemes.

Using Cowhide Rugs in Your Home

The pattern and texture of cowhide rugs is very distinctive and they can create a bold design statement in your home. However as they are a natural product cowhide rugs are not intrusive and this is a very useful way to create a powerful interior design scheme that is also harmonious and welcoming. Cowhide rugs are available in many different brindled, spotted and multi-tonal designs so there is a lot of choice available to suit your own tastes. You can get different colours as well including black and white, brown and a wide range of dyed effects (from metallic to bright primary colours).

Cowhide rugs are very soft and hardwearing and are ideal for kitchens, bedrooms, hallways, living rooms and any other interior spaces.

Caring for Cowhide Rugs

Quality cowhide rugs will last a very long time but you do need to care for them to help keep them looking their best. Make sure you vacuum the rug as you would a normal carpet as this will help remove any household dirt and dust from the natural fibres. If you have pets it is a good idea to get a pet hair removal attachment for your vacuum as this will help you to easily remove pet hair from your cowhide rugs, furniture and carpets.

Cowhide rugs are resistant to staining and so will not need to be cleaned very often. A quick sponge over with some warm water and a mild detergent should be enough to keep the rug looking bright and clean. You can also treat the rug with a special ‘Scotch Guard’ coating which will also help it to repel dirt and grime. You should try to avoid getting your rug too wet when you wash it. Don’t forget cowhide is essentially a leather-type product and this type of material does not benefit from being soaked in water like synthetic fabrics. This can cause the colours to run and could wash out the preservatives effectively ruining the hide. Hides that get too wet can also shrink and warp as they dry so avoid putting these types of rugs in damp or humid rooms such as the bathroom. Although cowhide is a type of leather you will not be able to use cleaning products designed for leather shoes or coats on them as this can damage the hairs.

It is a good idea to rotate the rug every few months to help create a more even wear. This is important for areas where the rug is under heavy foot traffic such as hallways.

Cowhide rugs can provide a touch of natural luxury to any home design scheme and enhance living rooms, conservatories, bedrooms and dining areas. These types of rugs are available in different patterns and colours and provide a hardwearing yet soft flooring for your home.

Tanning Leather Hides – 13 Steps Used by the Tanneries to Make Upholstery Leather

Most people who own leather upholstery, have no idea how leather can be taken from a cow and be mysteriously transformed into a soft, luxurious, upholstery covering. The mystery surrounding leather has probably come about, because very few people have had the opportunity to visit a tannery. In order to help you understand your leather, here’s a whirlwind tour through the tanning process.

How Leather Gets From A Cow To Your Couch Or Car

1. Curing The Leather – Once the hides have been removed from the cow, they are cured by soaking them in a salt solution to stop them from deteriorating or rotting, while they await the tanning process.

2. Cleaning The Hides – The hides are then soaked and cleaned to remove the salt solution. Lime is added to remove hair, dung and excess flesh.

3. Sorting According To Defects – The hides are sorted according to the number of defects they may have such as scarring, tick marks, barb wire marks and holes. Upholstery leather requires larger areas of unblemished hide, whereas other leather products such as shoes, saddles etc can utilize the smaller pieces. As a result, this makes upholstery leather generally more expensive.

4. Splitting the hides Into Two – The hides to be used for upholstery are then split into two. The top is split away from the bottom using a machine with a very long, sharp blade. The top layer is called the Top Grain or Top Split, whereas the bottom layer is called the Bottom Split. Now the Top Grain is the strongest and most supple part of the hide and this is used for upholstery. The Bottom Split is used in other products such as shoes, etc.

5. Tanning Preservation And Strength – The hides are then put into a large rotating drum containing chemicals to preserve them . . . permanently. This is called Chrome Tanning which also helps to increase the strength, durability and reduce shrinkage of the leather.

6. Grading According To Quality –  After tanning, the hides are, once again, sorted or graded according to their quality which is determined by the number and size of imperfections such as those mentioned in sorting procedure.

7. Re-Tanning And Dying – The leather is put into another large rotating drum containing oils for lubricating and softening the leather and other chemicals for adding firmness, tear strength and fastness. Dye is also added to stain the leather to a color related to the intended final color.

8. Drying – As you can imagine, the leather is absolutely saturated at this point and is then stretched out on large frames and force dried in a drying room.

9. Embossing The Leather Surface – Leather with excessive scarring is then sanded smooth and embossed with an artificial grain. If you have seen leather with an even grain, looking similar to vinyl, then the chances are, it has gone through this process. This leather is called Corrected Grain leather. Now Full Grain leather has had nothing done to alter the natural surface and is softer and contains the natural markings of the hide.

10. Softening – The leather is then softened in a large rotating drum, very much like a tumble clothes dryer.

11. Coloring The Leather – The leather is put through an automated finishing machine, which sprays on the desired color. Several coats are applied.

12. Clear Sealer – Once the color has been applied, a clear sealer is sprayed on for added durability. The luster of this coating can be adjusted to give a high gloss, satin, or dull finish. This sealer coating contains waxes and modifiers added to give the leather its feel qualities.

13. Final Grading – The leather is finally graded according to quality, color and weight. Each hide is then put through an automated measuring machine, to measure its area. Upholstery leather measures around 48 to 55 square feet.

Paul Ford has been professionally restoring leather for over 28 years. To find out how to repair and restore leather, step-by-step, have a look at: http://www.howtorepairleather.com.

Supply Chain Experts

There are supply chain experts available to solve all your problems. Some specialize in the application of new technologies, some focus on revised strategies and better management and others use tried-and-tested tools to improve efficiencies across the supply chain. Here’s some areas that are current challenges in organizations.


The outsourcing of key functions in business to low-cost countries has grown and this trend has introduced more partners and therefore more complexity into the supply chain. Raw material suppliers, service organizations and logistics sub-contractors mean more complicated processes and more “distances” that material and information must travel. Companies need to review their operating models to be more flexible and to work in a more collaborative manner so that they can fulfill customer requirements whilst benefitting from outsourcing.

Data and technology

Lack of data or errors in critical supply-chain information contribute to organizations’ inability to manage their supply chain processes effectively. Organizations need information systems that link applications across multiple partners, languages, geographies and cultures. Software collaboration tools can identify these weak links and supply chain professionals can take action to mitigate their impact. However, some of these tools come with different capabilities and degrees of difficulty in terms of implementation so often this is where expert help is needed.

Risk management

CEOs today have a new and intense focus on risk, compliance and governance and the supply chain is one key area that is under scrutiny. Increasing supplier disruptions, logistics delays, product recalls and safety issues are introducing new challenges into supply chains. Many businesses are ill-prepared to handle the rising risk levels and so external intervention from experts can provide assistance in this area.


Day-to-day operations need to carry on so innovation can sometimes take a back seat. It is more than improving technologies, training people or streamlining a process. It requires input from suppliers, internal users, business partners and customers combined with the necessary commitment from stakeholders and executive leadership.

Often ideas are sidelined or not expanded upon because people work in silos or they are just too tied up in their own sub-process in the supply chain. Taking a step back, an external view can provide insights into how to develop and harness improvement plans.

Many organizations are dealing with these challenges and new ones like sustainability and “green” issues, environmental legislation, and supplier quality. Companies can become more competitive through structured interventions by supply chain experts.

Supply chain consultants  in Belgium, Clear Vantage, offers supply chain, purchasing and procurement consulting solutions and trainings  to secure best cost of ownership

Dogs Get Excited About Beefeaters Delicious Dog Treats

Dogs and their owners have been delighted with Beefeaters dog treats since 1986. Recognizing that individual dogs have different tastes, they offer a variety of flavors, sizes, shapes and textures. Beefeaters knows treats!

When selecting dog treats, look for a manufacturer that uses only the highest quality ingredients, offers a broad selection and avoids the use of fillers, additives and preservatives. These are your guarantee of a healthy treat or chew.

Beefeaters® has a variety of rawhide offerings that are healthy, wholesome, protein rich and fun: all-in-one. All are oven-baked to seal in flavor. This is the key to making delicious treats that dogs find hard to resist

Rawhide is a dog’s second best friend. It provides hours of enjoyment, stimulates the teeth and gums, breaking up tartar, plaque and helping to prevent gingivitis.

Chicken Tops are a 2-in-1 treat that dogs are sure to love. These are an unbeatable combination of baked to perfection crunchy chicken on the outside, with low fat rawhide on the inside. The high quality rawhide is combined with 100% natural chicken. All Chicken Top varieties are high in protein, long lasting and 100% digestible. There are many varieties to choose from: rawhide chips, compressed bones, rolls, rawhide donuts and knotted bones.

Combo treats are another option. They’re called combo treats because they’re a mixture of all natural meat or vegetable and rawhide. All Beefeaters combo treats are 100% natural, low in fat, high in protein and fully digestible. Consider

• Stix – available in sweet potato, chicken and liver

• Wraps – available in chicken, sweet potato and duck

• Tops – available in sweet potato and liver

• Twists – available in sweet potato and liver

If dogs like pig ears, they are sure to love Super Ears – a tasty combination of pure chicken breast and tasty pork hide. These lean, protein-packed treats contain less fat than pig ears and are oven-baked to lock in flavor.

Dogs also love Great Fillin’s. These are spiral shaped rawhide rolls which conceal delicious meat flavored centers. Natural beef or pork hide rolls are wrapped around a chewy, meat filled center. The rawhide helps to condition gums, and the soft center pleases the palate of the discriminating dog. Great Fillin’s are available in bacon & cheese, beef, peanut butter and liver flavors.

Beefeaters dog food treats are available at popular pet stores, major retailers and online. For more information on delicious Beefeaters dog treats, visit, Beefeaters.


The Beefeater line of rawhide, dog treats and natural chews are oven-baked to seal in flavor, use natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. For more information or to buy treats online visit, www.beefeaters.com.

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Cowhide rugs with wooden flooring

Cowhide rugs with wooden flooring
If you have wooden flooring but still want to add a carpet like feel then you might decide to choose cowhide rugs as an alternative to getting your whole house re-carpeted. But before you decide there are many people who aren’t sure if they should go with carpet or wooden flooring. This article is aimed at exploring both options. The article will then conclude by informing you on where you can get more information on cowhide rugs and reclaimed mirrors.
Carpets Vs Wooden flooring – The battle continues
Long time ago in the battle of the interior designers the battle which in turn lead to what is now referred to as the ‘War of the flooring’. All joking aside there have been debates for many years, even decades now, which is the best carpets or wooden/hard flooring with cowhide rugs.
To carpet or not to carpet
Many people opt for hardwood as a quick, accessible and cost efficient way of removing carpets (as you can always opt to purchasing a cowhide rug). This is not always the case and you should always way up the alternatives to confirm that you are making an educated decision as a consumer. The initial cost may be less but the year on year cost to treat and care for you hardwood flooring can soon way up. People also have the misconception that carpets are less hygienic than hardwood floors. The way that shags are created means that dirt sticks, but this dirt can be removed very easily with the use of a vacuum cleaner; hardwood floors do not have such abilities and as such need to be thoroughly cleaned all over to get the same cleaning effect. Some people now believe that as carpets are easier to maintain, they are the better option if you have allergies.
Other key benefits of Carpets over hardwood flooring include:
Greater Warmth
Sound insulation

Some of these advantages can pass over to hardwood flooring with the use of a cowhide rug, these cowhide rugs can help to add warmth to your house and also help to reduce noise.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
Keeping with the theme of Carpets Vs hard wood flooring, carpets give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of colours, patterns, and textures. If you type in the keywords ’cowhides’ into an internet search engine, you’ll be sure to find an array of different types of cowhide rugs that are currently on the market.

Cowhide rugs  are provided with the most highest quality with a great selection to choose from.  Planet-craft.com also provides reclaimed mirrors  as well – visit our website today to see our huge selection!

Wholesale Advice For Wholesalers

Wholesalers are often the most ignored part of the supply chain. Most view their business as a break bulk operation, where they get paid only to deal with smaller deliveries and smaller payments.

But anyone who has been following this industry will say this is not the case in the recent past. Some players have recognized the importance of this under-optimized link and are making full efforts to exploit it. Dropshippers are one such breed.

If you are operating your business in the traditional way then odds are that you will soon face extinction. Each and every industry undergoes fundamental transformations over some period of time. For the wholesalers, the time is now. They better get it right or it may be out of business.

But how can one person think so much? Every now and then you see someone coming up with new ways. For instance, many wholesalers have now turned into e-Bay suppliers. The answer is you cant and you dont have to. There is a limit to what one can accomplish. The most important tasks accomplished have been performed by teams.

With forums one gets an opportunity to get the benefit of this team work. We may all be wholesalers but the truth is that our core competencies are different. Some can manage auctions well, while others have a knack of selling, someone may have seamless operations.
It is advisable for the wholesalers to rush in and catch up on the forum bonanza. It is only with internet that wholesalers can be connected with each other and share their ideas. In short, this means receiving “wholesale advice.” Many minds work better than one and there is no reason why a wholesaler should not join a forum. Knowledge grows with sharing. When each one puts in bits and pieces of their experience, the result is much larger than could have been expected even with the wildest guesses.

Sign in to Esources to find trade suppliers, importers and wholesalers in UK. It is among one of the fastest growing directories today. You can read various wholesalers reviews, read about trade, exhibition and fairs in UK.