Choose Your Top Picks From Latest Womens Moccasins Collections

Moccasins date back to the ancient tribes of Native America who started making shoes made of sheepskin, cowhide and deer hide. After going through several changes in designing and styling, the styles available in the market today have much more to offer. Womens moccasins are trendy, comfortable and very attractive. There are various styles and designs available. In fact, some styles of shoes made with rubber soles that ensure good traction.


Moccasins have bead decorations that amazingly complement skirts, dresses and jeans. Some varieties of moccasins are such a way to suit cold temperatures. They have an insulation from within that keeps the feet warm. These are ideal for those who stay in cold climatic regions. They guard the feet against biting cold and are perfect for severe winters. In addition, some shoes offer support to the foot at the ankles and soles.


People with foot pains or balancing problems must consider this before buying. There are womens moccasins that have rugged soles for better grip on surfaces. You will never slip with this kind of moccasin shoe pair. They provide a comfortable walk and you can be free from any fear of slipping. There are various kinds of moccasins for women that suit their tastes and preferences. Let us discuss a few of them. Driving Moccasins – These special moccasins are for driving, as their soles are capable of gripping the brake and clutch’s surfaces perfectly. They have soft innersoles for extra support and good posture. Shoe outers are made of good quality leather or suede. These shoes look trendy, and are ideal for a lady who drives everyday.


Slipper style moccasins: These kinds of moccasins are for a very cozy and comfortable wear. These include scuffs, ankle boots; hard and soft sole shoes and mules.


Lace-up and knee-high moccasins: These moccasins are with a piece of hide attached on the shoe. Initially, these shoes belonged to North Americans. They would give protection from the severe cold temperatures. Even today, people wear them for warmth and protection of their feet. The lace-up moccasin looks stunning if worn with short dresses and skinny jeans. They could allow a woman to show off her fashion tastes.


Ankle boots: These are very common and you can find many females wearing such shoes. The moccasins can go well with most fashion garments, and they have an amazing stylish appearance.


Heeled and wedge moccasins: Moccasins are also available as high heels, kitten and wedge heels. These have become very common among fashion conscious women.


Moccasins as footwear have become very popular. womens moccasins are available in so many different designs, colors and styles. You can choose them depending on your tastes and preferences. Mostly, you will find them in shades of brown, suede, maroon, blue and black. They are available in all the sizes. You could even place an order for them on the Internet. They are comfortable and fashionable. The growing demand for these shoes has lead to the increase in their variety. You can find them at many shopping hubs.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from driving moccasins to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

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Warkentin House


Bernhard Warkentin

Wilhelmina Warkentin

Bernhard Warkentin was born in the village of Altonau of the Molotschna Mennonite settlement in the Ukraine on June 18, 1847. In 1872, he arrived in the United States to study the country’s agricultural, economic and political climate.

Wilhelmina Eisenmayer was born November 1, 1852, in Horse Prairie, Illinois. She and Bernhard were married August 12, 1875. They had two children: Edna Wella, born September 24, 1876, and Carl Orlando, born January 3, 1880.

Realizing the benefit the Mennonite farmers would be to the development of the Great Plains states, American railroad companies touted the advantages of settling in the midwestern United States. Between 1874 and 1884, about 15,000 Mennonites immigrated to America. The majority settled in Kansas. Bernhard Warkentin encouraged the immigrants to bring with them Turkey Red hard winter wheat.

In 1873, Warkentin settled in Halstead, Kansas, building Harvey County’s first grist mill and his farmstead on the Little Arkansas River. In planning for his mill, Warkentin visited several milling operations throughout the Midwest; among them was Conrad Eisenmayer’s mill in Summerfield, Illinois. It was there that he met Eisenmayer’s daughter, Wilhelmina.

In the fall of 1874, the Kansas countryside was first sown with Turkey Red wheat, the hardy, high-yield variety that gave Kansas its enormous productivity and made the region the breadbasket of the world.

Warkentin owned mills and elevators in Newton and Halstead, Kansas, and Blackwell, Oklahoma. He was instrumental in founding the Halstead State Bank, Kansas State Bank, Bethel Deaconess Hospital, and Bethel College.

Warkentin died by accidental gunshot on a trip in the Holy Land in 1908. Wilhelmina Warkentin lived in their Newton home until her death in 1932.



The main entrance door displays a cut and etched glass panel imported from France.

English carpenters crafted the fine woodwork evident in the main staircase and the ball-and-spindle fretwork in the foyer.

The lavatory near the front door allowed dusty travelers to freshen up using an English cabinet with teardrop pulls and Italian marble washbasin. The lion-head towel holder is English.

Many small details exhibit the fine workmanship of the carpenters, and the leatherette wainscoting in the main foyer, lavatory, and stairwell is especially luxurious.

Parlor and music room

The fireplace in the parlor has a cherry mantelpiece and Italian tiles.

The rosewood/mahogany empire loveseat exhibits Chinese influence in carved dog’s heads and claw feet.

The box sofa was made in England, and the cornice molding around the ceiling repeats the “gadrooning” (radiating lobes) design of the sofa.

The woodwork in the other rooms continues the same themes begun in the foyer, but the woodwork in the parlor is cherry-finished walnut. The music room returns to oak woodwork, and the dining room is walnut. The sliding (pocket) doors between the music room and dining room were crafted of two woods, each side matching the appropriate room.

The music room and parlor have crystal chandeliers from Czechoslovakia.

The Steinway upright piano belonged to the Warkentins’ daughter, Edna, and the floor in the music room is covered by one of many Anglo-Persian carpets in the house.

The music room is spacious and well-lighted by windows on the east and south.

Dining room and kitchen

The Italian tile in the dining room fireplace portrays the goddess of agriculture, Demeter in Greek mythology or Ceres in the Roman pantheon.

The Warkentins entertained elegantly, and the china closet contains some of their original serving pieces; among the most striking is the chocolate pot.

The jeweled and stained glass windows on either side of the fireplace pre-date the house and are believed to be of Russian origin.

The large medallion in the wall covering echoes the emblem in the satin glass globes of the bronze chandelier and the wall sconces.

Nineteenth-century luxury did not extend to the kitchen. Electricity replaced gas for lighting soon after the completion of the house, but the old wood/coal cookstove continued in use for many years.

Indoor plumbing was installed two years after the completion of the house. A servant pumped water into a large, copper-lined reservoir in the third-floor attic at the beginning of each day. The three sinks in the kitchen are slate.


The two-room master suite has a sitting room to the southwest. The birdseye maple suite is original to the house, but it was not located in the master bedroom.

The brass double bed is now in the northwest bedroom and also belonged to the Warkentins. Much of the furniture in the bedrooms is not original to the house. The trunk at the foot of the bed was used by the Warkentins in their travels.

The parquet flooring throughout the house consists of several different woods and is finely crafted. The most unusual floor covering is in the master suite, where bright red Russian rugs, originally in the music room, have been moved for preservation. Warkentin himself purchased them in Russia, and the thistle pattern displays the Russian national flower.


The most unusual fireplace is in the library. The tile is again Italian, but the hearth displays a most unusual diagonal band.

Bernhard Warkentin’s roll-top desk is no longer on the east wall of the library, but his wife’s oak writing desk stands in that location. His favorite chair has striking lion’s heads on the arms and claw feet. The design on the coal scuttle is similar to that on the etched glass of the front door. The walnut library case is one of the few furnishings native to Kansas. It was constructed in Leavenworth and contains family books.


^ “National Register Information System”. National Register of Historic Places. National Park Service. 2007-01-23. 

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Educational Area Rugs

Educators of all stations have been on the lookout for new, innovative ways to reach their children. Everyone learns differently. Some kids can learn just by being told, others have to see the material in order to understand it, and some must work with the subject at hand in order to get a firm grasp of the concepts being taught to them. Educational area rugs can assist in teaching kids that learn through all three of these means.

Educational area rugs help reinforce the concepts being taught to kids and allows you, the educator, to reach kids on a more visual and kinesthetic level. The auditory learner will learn better due to the educational rug because it will help him or her focus more. Simply having the kids sit on the rug instead of their normal desk areas can increase their attention span dramatically. Kids that would otherwise be looking out the window will be more focused on what is being said because they feel that the change in scenery conveys a level of importance.

The visual learner will be able to take advantage of educational rugs through two different means. The first is by looking at the rug itself. Most educational area rugs come with the material you will be teaching in class embroidered into the rug itself. This could be the alphabet, numbers, etc. The visual learner will be able to see the material at all times which will assist him or her in retaining the information. You can also use the rug to create visuals that will help your visual learners comprehend and grasp the material more easily as well.

Lastly, the rug will help your kinesthetic learners immensely. Educational area rugs can be touched and allow the kinesthetic learners to be able to feel the concepts at the very least. Even if it only allows them to touch ideal concepts such as the letters of the alphabet, it will help them much more than if all they could do was look at the letter on a board or piece of paper.

If you’re going to get an educational rug for your classroom or even just your home to help teach your own child, get a quality rug. Quality educational area rugs can last for decades and are more likely to last throughout your entire tenure as a teacher. While educational rugs are meant more for very young children, they can assist people of all ages. So if your child or students are having a hard time grasping the scholastic material they are being given, get an educational rug and watch their grades and understanding improve right before your eyes.

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Beefeaters Dog Treats: Variety Is The Spice Of Life

When considering dog treats, owners are faced with a wide variety of choice. And depending on the life stage of the dog, it’s particular taste preferences and chewing habits that is very good thing! When looking for dog treats, look for superior quality ingredients as the first step. Natural treats without additives or preservatives are other important selection criteria. For training, choose small treats; for aggressive chewers, choose compressed beefhide, for special occasions, look for special flavors like liver, duck or chicken. Choose from a full menu of healthy treats like Chicken Tops, Combo Treats and Great Fillin and we guarantee your pet will love them!

Chicken Tops

Chicken Tops are a 2-in-1 treat that combines baked and crunchy chicken on the outside, and rawhide on the inside. Rawhide has great dental health benefits: it toughens the gums, cleans the teeth and helps to prevent plaque buildup. For puppies, rawhide relieves teething pain.

Chicken Tops are made with real chicken and are available in many different forms: rawhide chips, compressed bones and rolls. These are high protein dog treats that are both long lasting and easy to digest.

Combo Treats

Beefeaters offers a range of “combo” treats: unique mixes of high quality rawhide with natural ingredients. They are available in different sizes and flavors and guaranteed to please.

  • Stix and Munchy Stix are available in sweet potato, liver and chicken
  • Wraps are available in sweet potato, duck and chicken
  • Super Ears – a combination of pure chicken breast and tasty pork hide

A wide range of different shapes will fascinate your pet – twists, knotted rawhide bones, dumbbells, and chips are just the start.

Great Fillin’

This dog treat consists of spiral shaped rawhide wrapped around a delicious, meat flavored center. Stuffed rawhide provides lasting satisfaction and the tartar fighting benefits of rawhide. Great Fillin’ dog treats are available in a wide variety of flavors:  bacon & cheese, chicken and beef.

Snacks for dogs such as Chicken Tops, Combo Treats, and Great Fillin’ from Beefeaters, are your guarantee of high quality natural ingredients, and oven-baked taste that dogs drool over.

Beefeaters have been leading innovators since 1986 bringing to market a wide range of healthy, tasty treats.

The Beefeater line of rawhide, dog treats and natural chews are oven-baked to seal in flavor, use natural ingredients and no additives or preservatives. For more information or to buy treats online visit,

A Guide to Getting the Perfect Dog Gift


Dogs are now so much a part of the family that it seems natural that a dog gift is now a mandatory on most people’s holiday season present list. A whole industry has sprung up to create a wealth of gizmos and toys designed to dispense treats, entertain, and generally add to a dog’s comfort and well being.

A dog gift can range from the practical to the utterly whimsical. Prices for your dog’s gift can vary significantly. For example, a dog collar with a seven carat diamond set in platinum and gold might set you back as much as $ 3.2 million. Other top dollar luxury presents for your dog include dog spas; perfume at $ 300 a bottle, or even a Victorian style doghouse.

Practical dog gifts are usually more welcome. These include dog collars and leads, bowls, dog coats, dog brushes and tags don’t have to cost very much, and can be personalized with a dog’s name. If you are buying any of these for someone else’s dog do take the size of the dog into account and be sure you spell the dog’s name correctly.

Doggie toys now come in a whole range of shapes and sizes. Your options include the much loved squeaky toy to complex treat dispenser puzzles that challenge a dog to work out how to get to the treats inside.

When making your selection do pay attention to quality and material, dogs can’t always be depended on to look after their toys, and will chew, toss and grapple sometimes violently with their toys. Be aware of hard plastic bits that might break off leaving sharp corners, or fabric that tears scattering stuffing all over the house. It’s worth paying more for quality.

If being out of the house all day makes you crave more time with your pet, a perfect gift for dog and owner to share might be dog camp. These specially organized holidays usually last 2-4 days and offer an opportunity to meet other dog lovers; relax and re-bond with your dog in the great outdoors.

A dog gift doesn’t have to be for the animal. Many pet owners will also appreciate a well-crafted gift that immortalizes their pet. Pet portraits in oil or watercolors are easily produced from favorite photographs and will be cherished for years. Breed specific cufflinks, personalized photo-frames or charm bracelets with a dog motif are also perfect for a dog lover. No matter what you choose, the true value of a perfect dog gifts is not in its price but in what it means. 

Dustin Groves is a avid dog lover and helps run Send a Dog a Bone

Increasing trend of House clearance Leeds

By heart reception for visiting here on our website of clearing and Cleanup, we have the Property which mainly rely upon the Yorkshire and continuously focusing on our aim on the work of clean up and clearance of the waste, we are one of the most famous expertise organization that suits our personality on being the most excellent and always determined to build customers content which is more useful to the customer. We are the best responders to our client about our cleaning services which is provided by our experienced staff. Our people provide a legal liability to the public and to the employers. We have the licensed for the disposal of the wastage materials by the organization so we take all your wastage with us on truck because we have the license of that also. We have the friendly experienced employees.

House clearance Sheffield
We provide the best and very cheap facility to all our customers by shifting and by the lifting fact. We also have good quality trucks with the high loaded facilities. We are providing our services for whole week including Sunday also and we don’t take any additional fees for that. Such things show that what extent we are eager to provide you the best services of clearing the houses and the gardens. We are readily available for the small load to the big gigantic load also. Our full load charge is mentioned in price list as per the UK currencies. If you have the load of the clearing wastage in between this range then we can set the price as per your requirement. Our trained workers do one things better than others that they load all the wastages into our high quality truck after the clearance.

House clearance Leeds
We also collect the wastages from all the way and across the whole house in upper floor and in basement as well. Our trained workers dispose some bad material but they also check some materials which have a quality and can be recycled than they keep it and send those materials for our recycling department for future use of those materials like the wood in the furniture and some other materials also. Our organization covers whole area of the United Kingdom. Our trucks have more capacity of loading wastage than the regular ones so in that case we always focus on customer’s benefit not of ours and that’s our actual aim.

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Main Reasons Why Driving Moccasins Are Best Choices

Moccasin shoes are a few of the top accessories that men, women and children have. They consist of a soft sole or a hard sole. In addition, moccasins are made of high quality leather with a soft texture. Examples of this leather include deerskin, moose skin or cowhide. These shoes have been available for a very long time. Some of you have worn them since childhood. As a result, you possibly know that they come in a few categories. One of them is driving moccasins. These are among the most desirable shoes that men and women could buy.


They are versatile shoes that a man or a woman could wear officially or casually. Since they are very comfortable, one can wear these shoes when driving his or her car. Their soles ensure a better grip especially when pressing the break, and clutch with your foot. Although they have a simple design, these moccasin styles vary in a number of ways. You can find a few differences on the craftsmanship of shoe outsoles.


Although most of them have a soft sole, you can find a few with rugged textures. The styles you desire the most is available. Another part of these shoes that differs slightly is the uppers. Women driving moccasins have many embellishments at the top. They could have laces, metallic motifs, beadwork, and other details. Men’s shoes are low-keyed, yet very stylish and nice looking. They mainly come in dark colors such as brown and black. On the other hand, moccasin shoes for ladies have many colors.


Women can find both dark and vividly colored shoes. Toe shapes are not similar on most shoes for both genders. Thus, it is impossible to find a pair of shoes that suits you the most. The heel shape and size for ladies styles could differ. A few pairs have slightly raised heels for women who love high shoes. Another major benefit to these shoes is that they are light weight. One could wear them the whole day without feeling tired or uncomfortable. If you want a pair of these moccasins, do try your shopping online. First, you must visit a couple of stores to compare prices and to discover trustworthy vendors. You will not have problems finding reliable vendors online.


A site such as Amazon is very reliable and it has a wide range of moccasin shoes. In addition, it posts product features, description and reviews. Therefore, your buying decision would be very easy and direct. By reading reviews, you will give yourself a chance to distinguish between inferior and high-end shoes. You must decide the best material for your shoes as well. Available styles are made of leather or suede and have a sheepskin lining and cushioning. If your budget is below one hundred dollars, you can find numerous driving moccasins for yourself. Many stores, including Amazon do not charge hefty rates for their shoes. Both men and women can buy a few of the most durable and functional pairs of shoes.

G. Smitty is a writer who loves to discuss many topics ranging from leather moccasins to professional basketball. Thanks for reading!

Wholesale Moncler

Be particular to type which means you can purchase a jacket Moncler and drinks, as he has enhanced and also this diversity is managed over the popularity. According to moncler wholesale merchants, buy the first to touch, feather down, see inside the touch is good completely down, Its main pressure, with the hand hold up intohis eider down to see how the elasticity, if can play immediately, explain the feather is authentic, Third, use hand slap their coats, look have patted dust content, if no dust, explain this quality comparison is good. This kind of discount Moncler jackets is the latest popular, unique style and very fashionable. Once you got it, you will find that it worth paid. Come on and join us.

You always could find what you want.Removable drawstring hood with light brown lining and ribbon trim.Often used to make non-woven, woven and knitted textiles, the shape and size are able to be manipulated to obtain certain softness, durability and water repellency, making these mens clothing suitable for even winter or rainy days. Generally, moncler womens jackets are lightweight, resilient or wrinkle-resistant.Moncler outlet Jackets are suitable for men. They also have a luxurious drape and body, are able to retain shape and resist piling. Different colors such white, blue and pink white are available as standard colors that go with cheap moncler Kids jackets and everything in your wardrobe.

These moncler jackets undoubtedly are a little bit unusual, and just in case you possess a jacket to possess fits your style, you may be using the winter ice each of the time appear warm, stylish and supple.Moncler vest are not just males but on top of that women. This design is using the winter and all people which have brought a jacket Moncler using the design and glamor belonging toward the coast. Moncler jackets much more compared to personality, taste along using the way in which a dude or lady gowns exhibits how lifestyle is classic.The jackets undoubtedly are a purpose of style and people that know their Flash Moncler jackets, stylish look. And if you already know in Italy, really should that person, the occasional Moncler Italy everywhere .Click right here to hyperlink Moncler on the net shop.

Moncler lines are simple, neat and proceed freely by utilizing the tissue. You possess the exclusive stamp on them all; an effortless and stylish T way and regularly appears fashion.This provides its stamp clothes in school and exclusivity. This could be one induce why somebody requires Moncler jacket employed primarily for its comfort factor. Therefore, the assortment of customer to decide them affordable moncler jacket profit design is not just the appearance, also cannot disregard cashmere level inner problem.So, this season, you need to be saved distinctive things.Although ordinarily only in spring and summer, the several moncler along jackets stylist show the curtain also is anticipated to fall and winter environment compared to conventional working chilly and black, brown and red.

Moncler jackets much more compared to personality, taste along using the way in which a dude or lady gowns exhibits how lifestyle is classic.The jackets undoubtedly are a purpose of style and people that know their Flash Moncler jackets, stylish look. And if you already know in Italy, really should that person, the occasional Moncler Italy everywhere .Click right here to hyperlink Moncler on the net shop.