Customs clearance Southampton explained

Unless you are in a line of work that requires you to deal with importing as well as exporting products and stock then chances are that you do not spend much time thinking about the customs clearance Southampton process. However for any firm where a substantial amount of supplies are sourced and products sold overseas this process – also known as customs brokerage – is a vital component in their day to day business activities. With that in mind here is a brief introduction to customs brokerage:
Customs clearance Southampton is a blanket term for a range of things needed to get things through customs upon their entry to the country or on their departure. These include the submission of various documents as well as payments needed for customs to allow something to enter or leave the country. There are several taxes, duties and excises which need to be paid on things in order to get customs clearance Southampton depending on what they are. Duties in this sense are specifically taxes on importations while excise is levied exclusively on products which will be sold (this is seen as an indirect tax which the importer will effectively pass on to customers by raising their price).
As you can imagine obtaining customs clearance Southampton can be a painstaking and protracted process. If a company fails to get something through customs then the implications can be disastrous. Without customs clearance Southampton for components sourced from abroad by many firms production would grind to a halt. It is in everybody’s interest to get things cleared as swiftly as possible and therefore many people enlist the services of specialist firms experienced in dealing with customs clearance Tilbury. That way you have peace of mind that someone with an intimate knowledge of the customs clearance Southampton process is looking after your interests.
Finding a bona fide customs clearance Southampton expert
Customs clearance Southampton needs to be managed by an efficient and professional company. One such firm can be found at Pay a visit to the website today if you are in search of assistance with customs clearance Southampton.

If you are looking for the most efficient and professional customs clearance Southampton in the area then we have it all at! Our customs clearance Tilbury is exceptional and affordable.

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Hide-Away Beds and Sleeper Sofas For Unexpected Overnight Guests

Hide-Away Beds and Sleeper Sofas For Unexpected Overnight Guests


Even if you have tons of warning, you’re never really sure if your house is truly ready for company. Overnight guests can even more stressful to plan accommodations for on short notice. Even if your home is average-sized and has two or three bedrooms, you still have to arrange for any family members who are temporarily kicked out of their beds to have a spot to sleep. That’s just one reason that every home should have a spare bed. Hide-away beds and sleeper sofas are a great way to ensure that you have an extra bed when you need one.


The old-fashioned sleeper sofas used to be so heavy and so big that you almost had to design a room around them. Fortunately for today’s frantic hostess, the newer versions of both hide-away beds and sleeper sofas are a great deal more lightweight and smaller, too. In fact, many of them come in styles that are quite attractive. You can find them in all sorts of colors and fabrics and, best of all, unless you tell them, no one is going to know it’s a sleeper and not just a great looking couch! That’s because today’s sleepers don’t sink in the middle like the old ones did, giving away your secret.


It’s a good idea to stock special linens for your hide-away bed or sleeper because their mattress sizes are often a little different than conventional mattresses. Plus, if they have their own special linens, then you can be sure they’ll be clean and ready to use when that unexpected overnight guest arrives.


So, don’t let those surprise visits from family or friends looking for overnight hospitality ruin the time you get to spend with together. You’ll always have an extra bed for your guests if you plan ahead for the unexpected!

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Police Supply

Police Supply gear is essential for effective law enforcement. For instance, vehicles and their accessories needed for tracking down criminals. Radar guns are necessary to enforce speeding regulations. Also, fingerprinting cannot be done without the proper supplies.

When it comes to criminal and riot control, equipment such as guns, tasers, and pepper spray are often used. However, police department chiefs know that they must train their forces to use this gear carefully or they can be forced to endure tense public relations and potential lawsuits.

In 2004, after the Boston Red Sox won the World Series, police were employed for crowd control around Fenway Park. Unfortunately, an officer shot a pepper spray gun and a pellet struck Victoria Snelgrove, an Emerson College student, in the eye and killed her. The student reportedly was not posing any harm at the time of the incident. She was described as happily giving her friends high fives at the time- a fact which added more emotional weight to the story in public opinion.

The story drew national attention and the Boston Police Supply Department was forced to accept responsibility for the death. The incident called attention to the importance of training officers to handle their potentially threatening equipment with care and to know when to use it.

This was not the first time police had been accused of using excessive force. One of the most famous cases involved police brutality is the beating of Rodney King. King was caught speeding by Los Angeles police officers. He was then brutally beaten and tasered. A bystander caught much of the event on video and the footage was broadcast around the world. The result was a public relations nightmare for the Los Angeles Police Department and raised tension in race relations.

Even today controversy still exists as to what kind of Police Supply gear officers should have to do their job. At Smith College in North Hampton, Massachusetts students protested when campus police were given funds to purchase handguns. Students felt that the level of campus wrongdoing did not warrant police officers having guns. The University was forced to look at the situation under the scrutiny of the public.

The lesson here is that law enforcement officials do need equipment to protect the public and themselves, but they must be properly trained to do so. Not only must they know how to handle the equipment, but they must be trained to handle their emotions under duress.

Best-selling author Malcolm Gladwell makes several suggestions about partnering police in his recent best-selling book Blink to reduce violence. Police departments need to follow best practices when training their officers. Police chiefs must also make sure that the correct weapon is assigned for the situation.

In addition, officers must understand how to properly use their weapons. This includes practicing proper gun maintenance. Courses are offered for recertification for handling firearms and should be taken on a regular basis. Some departments have no established gun inspection program and therefore the officer must understand the importance of cleaning and maintenance. Experts recommend that officers who find trouble with their guns should not tamper with them. Instead, they should turn the guns into the department.

By performing maintenance and regularly inspecting law enforcement equipment officers keep a conscious understanding of the responsibility of carrying weapons. More importantly, risks involved with police gear and its use are placed front and center in the mind of the officer every day.

Are Rawhide Bones Bad For Dogs?

Dogs love rawhide bones, but are they really safe for them? Rawhide bones are readily available at your local pet stores and dogs love to gnaw or chew on them. They can also help your dog maintain healthy teeth and gums. Most people will tell you that they are safe if you carefully monitor your dog while he is chewing but even then they can be dangerous to your dog. How so you may ask?

Rawhide bones are bones made from animal skin, typically cattle. They are sometimes made by mixing cattle skin with pig skin. They can easily splinter when dry, and if your dog is a fast chewer and especially of larger size, he can bite off larger pieces that are sharp and that can perforate your dog’s throat, stomach or bowel. It is very important that when giving your dog a rawhide bone, that you buy one that that is larger than the dog’s mouth to prevent ingestion of whole pieces that had not been chewed properly and choking. Rawhide also expands when wet, so if your does not properly chew the rawhide before swallowing, the rawhide can expand in his intestines and cause a blockage. The intestinal blockage can lead to the dog’s death if left untreated. Many dogs with sensitive stomachs will have problems digesting rawhide as a result of its tough and thick composition. Fast chewers or any larger breed dogs should not be given rawhide bones unless you are confident that they can safely ingest them and have no stomach discomfort afterward.

If you are looking for alternatives to rawhide bones, there are many. You could give your dog nylon bones to chew on them which are also healthy for their teeth and their gums. Nylon bones scrape away plaque, control tartar build-up, and maintain gum health by massaging the gums. Nylon bones will also stimulate your dog’s mind and keep them busy for hours. This is especially important for dogs that constantly have the urge to chew to stop unwanted chewing behavior around the house. Nylon bones will also relive your puppy’s teething pain and stimulate growth of adult teeth.

You could also try giving your dog real bones, but again you run the risk of the bone splintering and causing perforation of the intestine which can be a serious condition. Even though real bones are somewhat safer than rawhide bones, there is still the danger of sharp pieces breaking off and, as a result, many dog owners are against giving your dog real bones. Another substitute to real bones and rawhide bones are dental sticks made in different varieties, flavors and by different manufacturers. Just visit your local pet store and you will see a large assortment of these products. They will keep your dog’s chewing needs satisfied while also cleaning his teeth and freshening his breath. You will see that they sell them in different textures, from soft to chewy to hard. You can choose the texture that best suits your dog’s chewing habits and preferences.

If you are looking to give your dog rawhide bones, just know the dangers associated with rawhide bones. We are not saying that you should not give to any dog rawhide bones, but for some dogs there are better alternatives that are safer and provide the samebenefits of rawhide bones – mind stimulation, reduce boredom, healthier teeth and healthier gums.

Find more information on dog health on our regularly updated dog blog. Responsible breeders are welcomed to join our dog breeders community, and showcase their healthy, sound dogs that reflect their proper breed standard.

Tattoo Supply



We know that a tattoo professional needs tattoo supplies in bulk but for a beginner a limited amount to tattoo supply is sufficient. The reason for limited tattoo supply for a beginner is because he needs to practice first.


While talking about tattoo supply, the first thing is the tattoo machine. It is actually known as a tattoo gun. A tattoo gun is a device or an instrument that is used for making a tattoo. It is the tool that is used for tattooing.


Along with the tattoo gun you will need tattoo needle, tattoo ink and power supply. You will need the tattoo inks in order to give a tattoo different colors as well as shades. It makes tattoo more lively and beautiful.


Tattoo needle is the next most important tattoo supply. You will need different types of needles in order to make a tattoo. Generally a tattoo artist uses two different kinds of needles. One for outling and the other for shading. The needles are dipped in a tattoo ink and then the needles pricks into the skin on the client sitting on the table. Pricking leaves a tiny deposit of ink in the client’s body.


The next is the tattoo power supply. This is generally not discussed. But in reality it is the most important tattoo supply. Without a power supply, a tattoo machine will not start. They are mainly two types of tattoo machines. One works just on the ac power whereas the other one works on batteries. You will have to charge the batteries after it is discharged from a prolonged use. Both of them are easily available in the market.


All together, the tattoo needles, tattoo inks and a good power supply adds up as the amine tattoo supplies. In the absence of nay of these, a tattoo artist will be unable to work.




To know about tattoo supply – –tattoo supply

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Elk antler chandelier

While male deer, moose, reindeer, caribou, and elk all grow antlers, the latter’s bony crown is a favorite among designers who delight in transforming them into one-of-a-kind chandeliers.

Elk antlers are particularly prized because they are longer and the branches are often more numerous and intricate.  As such, an elk antler chandelier has a grander presence – a stunning piece of natural art that lends elegance and drama wherever they are installed.

A Bit of History

The antler chandelier first became popular among the medieval aristocracy at a time when the animals were hunted for food and sport.  Collected as trophies, the antlered head was stuffed and mounted on walls.  From there, the practice evolved as the antlers were used to hold candlesticks and hung on ceilings as a source of illumination and admiration.

Through the centuries, the elk antler chandelier has undergone many transformations yet always retained its lofty stature in the art of interior décor.  What has originally graced castles and palaces now continues to charm rustic country lodges; modern homes; and upscale establishments such as resorts, hotels, and restaurants worldwide.

A Sustainable Resource

As our environment changed and people became serious about preserving nature, the practice of killing animals for their antlers was replaced with the more sustainable method of gathering the precious materials after they are shed at the close of the mating season. 

Deer, moose, and caribou naturally lose their antlers around December. In contrast, elk do so in April or May to help it in competing for the usually scarce food supplies during the winter months.  This unique characteristic allows the antlers to grow and mature more, further adding to the mystique and uniqueness of an elk antler chandelier.

Choosing Your Antler Chandelier

Price is often the biggest stumbling block to owning a truly outstanding elk antler chandelier.  An authentic piece made of top-grade antlers commands thousands of dollars while manufactured ones made of resin go for much less.  Of course, going for an original is the ideal choice, but you need to be able to recognize the distinguishing marks of a real antler chandelier compared to a cheap imitation.

Real antlers are solid and heavy while manufactured ones are hollowed out and light.  Antlers are also graded – Grade 1 is given to those who have been gathered within 1-3 months after shedding and exhibit a shiny finish indicative of high quality.  Grade 2 is given to antlers that have been found one year after shedding and show chips and cracks from the prolonged exposure.  Of course, there are Grades 3 and 4 antlers that unscrupulous traders pass off as the real deal.  A close inspection should reveal brittleness and obvious imperfections and you should do well to look elsewhere.

A Few Rules to Follow

An elk antler chandelier shouldn’t be purchased on impulse without first determining the physical dimensions of the room where it will be displayed.  This is so because an antler chandelier that is too large or too small for the room’s size will not only fail in satisfying the lighting requirement but bungle the aesthetic effect as well. 

Rule of thumb:  allot a two-inch diameter for every foot of floor space.  Choose your lighting source, i.e., candles or electric bulbs, making sure to factor in safety and practicality.  Finally, be ready to provide regular cleanup of your antler chandelier as they can be a magnet for dust and cobwebs. offers a high quality, affordable elk antler chandelier that is perfect for you, your friends, and loved ones. With’s one-stop shopping, superior quality Antler Chandeliers at incredible prices.

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Leather Handbag

Fashion trends never cease. Fashion shows like the London Fashion week and the New York Fashion week never fail when it comes to presenting new and upcoming trends ahead of time, that way people from different fashion industries can prepare themselves for the season ahead.

For the year 2012, a number of designs that is sure to captivate the audience of the fashion industry. Companies that make and create handbags make it a top priority to bring to the people new and innovative designs.

The Designers of New York has shown a number of trends from spring 2012 season that continues until fall. Handbags that come in Spring to 2012 are shown to be in medium and small sizes instead of Large, Medium and Small and these fashion handbag trends that dominated in the fall of 2012 New York runway was:

The Kitschy Bag. While Kitschy and whimsical handbags were shown in clutch style, there were also a handful of shoulder bags and satchels with creative and playful designs and prints. Some of the big brands of these fashion handbags offered the world of fashion with playful car shapes as well as pictures of dominos.

Handbags come in many shapes, sizes and designs but nothing can beat the durability of a leather handbag. With the right care and maintenance, a leather handbag can stay great for a long time. Though handbags have been thought to be accessories only for women, there are also handbags for men, like messenger bags. Messenger bags for men always make an impression on men who wish to be out of the ordinary. Men in the work force are pressured for having an appropriate bag that works as well as it appears.

The most well known messenger bags for men all come in the shape of a rectangle with sufficient space for books, documents, files and many others that a messenger would need to have inside his bag. It’s usually has a pocket and is locked with a Velcro or other kinds of clasp. Messenger bags come in different types. The traditional messenger bag is suitable for frequent travelers or city dwellers and comes in different patters and sizes. The messenger laptop bags that is perfect for on-the-go men with laptops or other electronic equipment. The tote messenger bags is designed for carrying shopping items, is well polished and designed but has a sturdy and masculine look to it making it perfect for both men and women.

There are a number of providers from all over the world that indulges in creating the best handbag designs and styles in the world of fashion. Manufacturers like Deelite who specializes in handbags and jewelry. If you’re looking for leather handbags that give emphasis on services provided to clients, Deelite is the perfect choice. Deelite updates on designs and choices for their clients and provide high quality pieces and trends with their own individual designs.

With your love for class and passion for fashion, the upcoming trends will surely appeal to your taste.

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Clearance jewelry

Add character to your style and pamper yourself as well with an array collection of silver bracelets, earrings, necklaces and wouldn’t you know it – handbags as well. This online shopping website provides a complete collection that gives free shipping, a secured shopping and not only that, this site has live support.

Ask yourself: What do I want to give my sweetheart on valentine’s day? Or better yet, what do I want to have on V-day? Walk into a party looking spectacular and tremendously significant wearing exquisite jewelry. Do you have the need to be consistently beautiful? Then these complete set of choices will not only make you look expensively gorgeous but elegantly foxy as well.

Arrange for a shipment today, choose your pick and get special sales and discounts for valentine’s day. Feel the empowerment of the spirit when you wear uniquely styled and crafted pieces. When you want your individuality to shine, then you must not be in something that is commonly worn by everyone – it has to be a distinct accent to you fad – and if you missed a great deal today, don’t worry, there’s still more in the days to come.

Enjoy the convenience of the thought that you need not to go out of your way, take a long drive, and fall into a long line at the cashier to buy a jewelry that you want. It is very important that you take control of everything with the power of a mouse click, then choose the one thing that strikes the most interest in you.

A gift of jewelry is always appreciated by if not the many, most people. It can give a world of delight to the persons who receive it and it would be a very memorable gift. It is not only for this heart’s month, but it is highlighted some more since it is definitely something that they would love to show off for the entire world to see. These finely crafted pieces will forever stay hidden not in jewelry boxes, but the thought that this was given by somebody they highly care about will stay forever in their hearts.


For More information visit :

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Custom Clearance

Want help with Custom Clearance down at the docks?

Why stress and struggle with the procedure when the usual formalities can be taken care of by experts in European Haulage?  Freight forwarding companies are well-versed at Custom Clearance operations.  They’re used to the complexities of sea import and export procedures.  If you’re feeling the pressure at the moment and need your consignment shipping as soon as possible, organise Custom Clearance through professional freight services that’ll handle all aspects of Custom Clearance for your particular needs.  Don’t leave it to chance.  Why run the risk of there being problems down at dockside? Let the Custom Clearance specialists arrange loads on your behalf.

Full or part loads

It doesn’t matter if you have containers that are brimming with goods or simply want to ship a few items; Custom Clearance is priced extremely competitively through experienced European Haulage companies.  You’d think that you’d pay handsomely for such a professional service but nothing could be further from the truth. Price up Custom Clearance and you’ll realise what excellent value for money it is. Leave the sea import formalities in the hands of a Custom Clearance company that offers an efficient and reliable solution.  Your consignment of goods will be shipped on time and for a brilliant price when Custom Clearance is acquired through a freight forwarding firm.

Stop worrying about Custom Clearance

There really is no need.  The entire process is a simple operation for European Haulage companies.  To you, Custom Clearance is a problem. To freight forwarding firms it’s a procedure that can be resolved in the shortest possible time. Let a team of proficient people conduct the Custom Clearance, they’re used to arranging sea import procedures for customers bringing full or part loads into the country.  See how affordable Custom Clearance is and you’ll realize there’s no need to stress about Custom Clearance in the future. With a proactive approach to cargo import processes the leading freight forwarding firm ensures cargos are delivered whilst stress levels are kept to a minimum.  Why worry when professionals are on hand to offer their experience in all things related to container shipping? specialise in Custom Clearance . We can arrange sea import customs formalities for both full and part container loads. For competitive pricing visit us for European Haulage .

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Tattoo Power Supply



Along with all the equipments found in a tattoo kit, a tattoo power supply is one of those components that are often neglected as more focus is always given to the tattoo gun. But a tattoo power supply is something without which a tattoo gun cannot work.


Before a tattoo artist starts his work, he should always check the whether electricity is there, then the tattoo power supply, the wire to the plug, clip cord and the foot pedal. Only if the tattoo gun starts, then start your work. If it does not start then check the power supply again. A tattoo power supply is always checked before it is sold. If tested is not written on the power supply then do not buy it.


When a tattoo machine stops all of a sudden, then check the power supply. The tattoo power supplies are present in two types. The first is the one that works on batteries. Obviously these batteries can be recharged whenever needed. The other one is the one which works only on a.c. power. This means that if the power gets cut then you will not be able to use it. You will have to wait for the power to come again.


There are also times when carbon gets accumulated on the battery. With this help of a nail file you can remove this carbon on the battery. The carbon reduces the performance of the tattoo machine greatly. This carbon also causes poor connections and results in blockages. Clean the parts where the nail file was used. It is not advised to use sand paper as it may affect the performance of your machine.


There are also some tattoo machines that can be used through the a.c. power as well as on battery. This helps as you will not have to stop your work every time the power goes off. You can easily start using the charged batteries. These machines are used widely nowadays.



For tips on power supply – –tattoo power supply