Leather shoe trends fall/winter 2014-2015

Leather has been everywhere these past few years as the main staple in apparel, and it’s also stepping proudly down the runway on the heels of models. This fall/winter 2014/2015 season, shoes on the runway are covered in patent leather, plenty of black leather, natural colored  and color blocked suedes,  and even animal print leather. The few designers mentioned below incorporated leather in their shoe collections in a very exciting and unique design for the different fashion weeks around the world.

Patent leather: The highlighter of leather was used heavily on the runway this upcoming season. Designers essentially used patent leather in their designs to make their shoes pop and stand out.

Christian Dior: went all out in the sports chic category with his shoe department, merging tennis shoe design with high heels using patent leather as the main design material. The design is very sporty and perfect for a drag queen on the run. The colorful cushioned rubber sneaker soles with a curved heel become conjoined twins with the top design of square toed patent leather pump, making the shoe sexy and practical.. This design gets a big ‘C’ for creative and comfortable.




Saint Laurent: used plenty patent leather in his collection and used the material on knee high boots and mary janes both in black , and metallic silver.

saint laurent patent leather mary jane

saint laurent: patent leather mary janes

Chloe: had a collection of nude colored patent leather flatform sandals while Stella McCartney: had colorful flatform oxford shoes and Celine: also designed varying leather flatform sandals.  These designers are chasing height and cushion for the soles and bringing platforms back on the market.



Alexander McQueen: also had a sporty themed collection with his perforated leather boots that had a very combat boot structure with a feminine touch by incorporating floral shaped cutouts.

mcqueen- knee high leather boots

Suede: is synonymous with fall and winter and the fashion houses designed plenty of suede shoes for this season.

manolo- suede booties with patent leather trim and leather laces

Manolo Blahniks: created a three leathers in one shoe with a gorgeous suede bootie, that layered  leather, suede,  and patent leather. These haute booties stepped off the runway and went to leather heaven. Manolo’s runway shoe collection was also saturated with colorful suede pumps and over the knee black leather boots.

manolo-color block suede pumps


Just-Cavalli: designed amazingly colorful suede boots from ankle boots too thigh high caramel colored suede boots with most of the boots accessorized in leather fringe. Just-Cavalli, captured fall and winter perfectly with both the colors and designs of the boots.

Just-Cavalli: suded booties

Just-Cavalli: suded booties


Just-Cavalli: Fall 2014 Fringed thigh-high suede boots

Versace: created laced up inspired stiletto suede and leather combo boots in blood red and powder blues. Versace’s designs had a very Victorian romance look to it.



Leather:  The luxury brand designers used leather obsessively for this years fall/winter fashion weeks.

Balmain: had  intricate sandal stilettos covered in leather roping  and weaving that made the collection fun and tribal.



Isabel Marant: also used leather roping and paired it with suede boots as well as shearling to strap up the shoes.




Rick Owens: merged leather leggings into a leather tennis shoe creating  a comfortable boot. These legging sneakers seem perfect for keeping your legs warm for the upcoming chilly season.




Valentino: designed a 60’s inspired bold colorful print polka dot leather booties, that would be a crowd favorite anywhere you wore them.

Valentino-60's style leather booties

Valentino-60’s style leather booties


Sonia Rykiel,  Ina Ricci and John Galliano: all were inspired by animal print and designed fabulous leather shoes with python and croc embossed leather material.








Designer shoes and leather go together like love and marriage, you can’t have one without the other. Leather is a classic, durable and beautiful material that’s always used for luxury brands.  This coming season and many more to come, designer shoes main design material will be a form of leather; whether its suede,  embossed leather or patent leather, you will see it on the runway.

Why upholstered leather car seats are still desirable

As cars become more computerized, one thing still remains old school, the desire to have leather car seats. upholstered Leather car seats are the epitome of luxury and good taste. As much as technology has advanced and the plethora of materials that exist are as good of a material, nothing compares to the popularity and richness of leather. Below are few good reasons why upholstered leather car interiors are desirable to this day.


Leather seats are desirable because they are simply comfortable. Leather is a very supple material and can take the form of any shape. Leather car seats tend to be much more sturdy and supportive than cloth, which would make it the best material for motorcyclist’s who require riding a bike at an angle and swift turns.

Comfortable Leather car seats -Source: boredtodeath.com

Comfortable Leather car seats


Upholstered leather car interiors are expensive because most cars require over a dozen whole cowhides to upholster an entire car. Also, leather car interiors have a status symbol. Most high end cars such as Audio, Bentley, Ferrari, Porsche, etc. automatically come with leather interiors, making leather a high end and desirable material due to association with luxury car makers.


Kids are clumsy and messy, no matter how careful they are, they are prone to creating a mess in the car. the benefit of leather interiors is that stains of any kind are easily removed and does not get absorbed into leather like a fabric upholstered seat would.  While cloth upholstered car interiors harbor dust and dander, leather can easily be wiped and vacuumed without a trace of dirt left behind. This is a huge plus for those that suffer from allergies and investing in leather interiors is a good preventative measure to keep allergens at bay while driving.

Porsche with crocodile embossed leather seats Source: interiorshot.com

Porsche with crocodile embossed leather seats Source: interiorshot.com


The resale value of a car does not lose its upholstered leather interior value. The car interiors will also be preserved due to leather being an easy material to clean. The money you invested in leather interiors will be back in your pocket  years after your purchase, since leather is a stain resistant and a sought after material.

Leather car interiors will remain a time treasured material due to its classic and timeless aspect. upholstered Leather car interiors will always be desirable since it entices the majority of the five senses: upholstered leather always has the clean car smell since it doesn’t absorb odors and stains, the feel of leather is smooth and soft, and the sight of upholstered leather is soft, beautiful and elegant. Three out of the five senses is good reason enough to invest and covet upholstered leather car seats.

United Leather's embossed hornback on cow leather

United Leather’s embossed hornback on cow leather